Acorn Treat Bag

By  Kathleen Berlew 

size: 6"x11" (with handle)


  • Craft felt, 9”x12”: brown, gold, olive green
  • Dark brown embroidery floss
  • Autumn-colored buttons, 3/8" to 1", 60

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, embroidery needle, straight pins, cardstock

Pattern - Acorn Treat Bag

  • 1. Print out patterns onto cardstock; cut out. Trace and cut out patterns from felt. Cut two 2"x6-1/2" strips from gold felt (acorn sides) and 1-1/4"x11" strip from brown felt (handle).
  • 2. Thread needle with two strands of floss. Using photo as guide, sew buttons on two of the brown cap pieces, leaving 1/8" border around.
  • 3. With wrong sides facing, pin one button-covered cap to plain cap along curved edge. Tuck 1/2" of straight edge of acorn piece between straight edges of caps; pin in place. Using running stitch, sew around all sides of cap 1/8" from edge. Repeat for other acorn and cap pieces.
  • 4. Pin and stitch two rectangular acorn side pieces together along one short edge using running stitch. Pin one long edge of joined side pieces to edge of one acorn piece so seam of side pieces matches up with acorn tip. Sew remaining acorn piece to joined side pieces in same way. Sew running stitch along top edge of acorn side pieces. Sew button at each acorn tip.
  • 5. Fold handle piece in half lengthwise; sew edges closed with running stitch. Sew handle to inside of bag at top of cap, working over existing button stitches. Sew button on outside of handle 3" from top of acorn cap.
  • 6. Using photo as guide, embroider running stitch veins on leaves. Sew two leaf pieces together with running stitch.
  • 7. Sew 3/4" floss loop to stem end of leaf. Hang leaf from button on handle.
  • Tip
  • 1. If you'd like the leaf to serve as a gift tag, embroider name in running stitch on one of the leaf pieces.