Sock Ribbon Pumpkins

By  Kathleen George  for  The Dow Chemical Co.

sizes: 3", 4"


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Balls: 3”, 4”
  • Stretchy orange tights or socks
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Black and orange embellishments: ribbons, trims, rick rack
  • Green grosgrain ribbon, 1/2”-wide


  • White tacky glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, needle tool, craft pins, craft knife, measuring tape, sharp pencil, rubber bands, metal spoon

Project Instructions

  • 1. Mark off center top and bottom of foam ball using pencil. Divide ball into six equal sections by stretching three rubber bands around ball, running through marks at top and bottom center. Wrap measuring tape around center of ball to check that sections are equal.
  • 2. Use sharp pencil to mark off sections along side of each rubber band. Remove rubber bands.
  • 3. Use craft knife to cut out 3/8" "v"-shaped grooves along each line. Use fingers to smooth edges on sides of each groove.
  • 4. Press bottom of ball on work surface, flattening slightly. Make 1/2" hole at bottom of ball using pencil point.
  • 5. Cut foot area from tights or socks; recycle or use for another project. Push ball into wider leg portion of tights or socks; leave 1/2" at open end. Gather tights together at opposite end and cut across 1" above gathers. Remove ball. Use cut portion as pattern to cut tights/socks for other balls.
  • 6. Insert carved ball into tights/socks tube. Spot glue hole on bottom of ball. Tuck fabric into hole using needle tool or scissors point. Use craft pins to secure fabric inside hole.
  • 7. Gather fabric tightly at top of ball and wrap firmly with heavy-duty thread. The excess fabric will become stem. Trim stem to 1-1/2" length.
  • 8. Pin and adhere orange and black trims around ball on grooved lines. Use photo as guide.
  • 9. Tie 4" length of green ribbon around base of stem for leaves. Trim leaves at angle. Repeat process to decorate remaining balls.

Tip: Use metal spoon to help smooth edges of grooves on foam ball.