Needlefelted Pumpkins

for  Decadent Fibers

  • Needlefelted Pumpkins


  • White Core Fiber*
  • Custom Hand-Dyed Roving*


  • Felting Needles*, two
  • Decadent Foam*
  • Note
  • 1. Read "Needle Felting Basics" before beginning project. Visit craftideas.com for a step-by-step needle felted pumpkin tutorial.
  • For Pumpkin Core
  • 1. Tightly wrap core fiber around itself into a pumpkin shape. Using felting needle, jab in and out while shaping and turning pumpkin. (Note: Remember this is the core shape and does not need to be perfect and firm.)
  • For Pumpkin Segments
  • 1. Pull apart orange wool roving for any size segment desired. Determine where stem will be placed and lay wool roving segment over core fiber and needle felt in a straight motion. Roving should be narrower at top and bottom of pumpkin. Continue needle felting edges of each segment , adding more segments around entire pumpkin, overlapping and blending as you continue jabbing and shaping. Use fairly deep jabs to ensure you are entangling inner fibers and contouring segments. Continue to needle felt until pumpkin is desired shape and firmness. Pull apart some small amounts of various orange roving colors to shade pumpkin section. (Note: Only a small amount of roving is needed for blending. Use photos of pumpkins as shading guide.)
  • For Stem
  • 1. Tease a blend of colors together, and roll them tightly on foam. Needle felt these fibers together by jabbing needle into stem in an up and down motion, entangling fibers while turning and shaping stem. Continue to needle felt to desired shape and firmness. Leave loose fibers at base of stem so you can attach it to pumpkin with felting needle. Shade and shape stem if desired.