Needlefelted Indian Corn

for  Decadent Fibers

  • Needlefelted Indian Corn


  • White Core Fiber*
  • Custom Hand-Dyed Wool Roving* for leaves
  • Custom Hand-Dyed Decadent Fiber Yarns* for kernels


  • Felting Needles*, two
  • Decadent Foam*, 2” thick, 10”x10”
  • 1. For Indian corn core, place foam pad on lap to protect yourself from poking as you needle felt. Fold an 8" piece of white core fiber in half and needle felt it together into the shape of an ear of corn. Tightly wrap more core fiber around this shape, starting at the top and needle felting as you work towards the bottom. Wrap more at the top and fewer times at the bottom and continue needle felting for a tight corn shape. (Note: Shape does not need to be perfect, but make it dense and solid without soft spots.)
  • 2. For kernels, cut 12" strand of custom-dyed yarn and needle felt it down on top of corn. Loop a 1/4"-high "kernel" of yarn and needle the base down into a corn shape. Continue looping and needle felting. You will soon establish a rhythm and see colorful kernels appear. Continue needle felting first row down length of corn towards bottom, then turn yarn back up and needle felt kernels to create a second row next to first row of kernels. Create rows of kernels going up and down until corn base is covered. Top end of corn should have needle felted kernels going in a continuous circle. There are many techniques for creating colorful yarn kernels. Needle felt a continuous strand of fiber or cut out lengths of various color combinations and needle felt them together. To change an area of color, needle felt it down flat and add yarn with loop and needle felt technique directly on top.
  • 3. For leaves, create three long narrow husk-like leaves for each corn husk. Blend some roving colors together by pulling off pieces of roving, and laying them directly on foam horizontally the length of leaf. Add thin wisps of more roving colors vertically on horizontal leaf and begin needle felting using short brisk jabs. For more finished leaf edges, angle needle towards middle of leaf as you jab along edges. Pick up leaf, turn it over on foam and needle felt back. Do this often, adding more fiber at any time. When leaf is desired denseness, create veins by felting down stringlike lengths of roving up and down entire length. The more veins, the more realistic the design will look. Use same leaf technique to make two more leaves of different lengths. Securely needle felt three leaves together at bottom only. Needle felt leaf bunch to top of Indian corn. Using needle in an up and down motion, needle felt at all angles until leaves become firm and part of Indian corn.
  • Note
  • 1. Read "Needle Felting Basics" before beginning project. Visit craftideas.com for a step-by-step needle felted pumpkin tutorial.