Needle Felted Sleeping Pets

By  Heidi Boyd 

  • Needle Felted Sleeping Pets


  • Jewelry Tag (Darice)
  • CAT:
  • Beige felted wool or felted wool sweater scrap (100% wool)
  • Wool roving: grey; beige; black; blue
  • DOG:
  • Mustard brown wool felt or felted wool sweater scrap (100% wool)
  • Wool roving: brown; mustard


  • Pen Style Needle Felting Tool (Clover Manufacturing)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle

Pattern - Needle Felted Sleeping Pets

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Cut pattern from felted sweater scrap.
  • 2. Pull out strands of wool roving in the body color, spiral them into an oval for the dog and a circle for the cat. Position roving over body portion of cut felt piece. Working over a scrap of rigid insulation, needle felt roving in place. Repeat to add another layer for added dimension. Quick Tip: Make the most of your needle felting stabs around the edges of your pieces to prevent shapes from being flattened and to give your animal a more realistic look.
  • 3. Pull out additional strands of wool roving in the body color to make the head. Spiral roving into a circle for the cat and a smaller oval for the dog. Position roving heads onto felt piece and needle felt in place. Add another layer to make head more prominent, if needed.
  • 4. Use strands of lighter roving color and lay them over underside of body, and bottom of head to highlight face. Needle felt roving in place. Place additional light stripes over cat's back, if desired.
  • 5. Roll additional strands of body color roving into leg shapes; place legs that fall underneath down first and needle felt them in place. Top back leg needs a large round hip-like shape above the bottom of the leg and paw. Make another roll for the tail and needle felt in place.
  • 6. Fill out the cat's ears with the main body color adding the lighter color inside each ear. Create two oval ears for dog and needle felt them separately over your insulation piece. Attach the top of each ear to the head leaving the bottom free.
  • 7. Roll very small balls of black roving for the eyes and nose and needle felt the in place. Roll a thin collar out of red or blue roving and tuck it around animal's neck and needle felt in place.
  • 8. Thread the needle with three strands of embroidery floss and stitch jewelry tag to collar. Use remaining floss to create a 4-1/2"-long hanging loop. Position loop at neck so pet hangs straight.