Needle Felted Penguins

By  Decadent Fibers 

  • Needle Felted Penguins
  • Closeup View


  • White Core Fiber*
  • Custom Hand-Dyed Roving*
  • Glistening Snow*


  • Felting Needles*, two
  • Decadent Foam*, 2”x8”x10”
  • 1. Roll white core fiber into an oval shape for body and round shape for head. Roll shapes on foam using core fiber and jab with felting needle, turning until desired shape and density are achieved. Body should be wider at bottom and narrower at neck. Work bottom of penguin until it is flat and firm enough to stand. Attach head to body by jabbing at an angle through both shapes until they are connected and head is secured.
  • 2. Pull apart some vanilla wool roving and wrap around neck; needle felt in place. Use short, quick jabs to customize body using vanilla and black wool roving, shaping and turning.
  • 3. For bead, use orange/gold wool roving to needle felt and elongated candy corn shape. Needle felt both sides of beak, then attach it to face. For an open beak, make a flat diamond shape on sponge, then attach it to face by needle felting across center of beak shape for open mouth.
  • 4. Needle felt two identical wings, using core fiber. Add black roving to top of each wing and attach to body just below shoulder area.
  • 5. For feet, needle felt circles of orange/gold or all black. Make simple round, flat or more detailed feet, if desired, by adding strips of roving. Attach feet to bottom of penguin so feet are visible and a bit splayed.
  • 6. Swirl a tiny amount of blueviolet roving around needlepoint, then pierce eyes in place.
  • 7. Add more fiber to define and shape penguin as desired. Add orange and gold wool roving to decorate neck and chest. Add a hat and/or scarf if desired.
  • Note
  • 1. Read "Needle Felting Basics" before beginning project for a step-by-step needle felted pumpkin tutorial. Refer to project photo throughout.