Felted Pine Tree Décor

By  Heidi Boyd 

  • Felted Pine Tree Décor
  • Pine Tree
  • Closeup of Bird
  • Closeup of Flowers


  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam (Dow): Cone, 4”x9”; Disc, 2”x6”
  • Wool Roving (National Nonwovens): Teal; Light Blue; White; Green; Light Green; Camel; Brown; Dark Brown
  • Felt Flowers (American Crafts): Brown, three; Yellow, three; Mustard, three; Blue, 11
  • Velvet Brads (Making Memories)
  • Iridescent flower sequins
  • White-headed straight pins
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Floral wire
  • Small hairpin or section of paperclip


  • Five Needle Felting Tool (Clover Manufacturing)
  • Foam brush, 1”
  • Aleene’s 7800 Platinum Bond Glue (iLoveToCreate)
  • 1. For tree trunk, remove foam from top of brush and apply thin coat of brown paint to wood. Immediately rub paint off with a paper towel for a stained look. Let dry.
  • 2. For base, wrap top and sides of disc base with thin layer of light blue roving. Working over a protected surface such as a piece of rigid insulation, use the Five Needle Felting Tool to push the roving fivers into the STYROFOAM. Continue pushing roving into foam until surface and sides are evenly compacted. Fill in any sparse areas with additional roving. Arrange white roving over center top for a rounded patch of snow, then needle felt in place. Wrap teal around bottom outside edge of disk for added dimension and needle felt in place. Set base aside.
  • 3. Wrap entire cone with thin layer of light green roving and needle felt in place. Pull off strands of green roving and spiral it over light green roving. Begin at base and work up to top, spacing wraps 1/2" to 1" apart. Needle felt roving in place.
  • 4. Push tree trunk approximately several inches up into center of cone base. Carefully push remaining end into center top of disc, moving aside some roving if needed. Remove trunk and apply glue to both ends, then reinsert into prepared holes.
  • 5. For birds, wrap tan roving around itself to make a thumb-sized roll of wool. Working over insulation scrap, use individual felting needle to repeatedly poke roving into shape, compressing head at one end and tail at opposite end. Leave body fuller. Spiral strands of brown roving into two separate wing shapes. Place them on insulation, and needle felt them to compress the fibers. Still using the single needle, felt the wide side of wings to either side of body. Roll tiny balls of dark brown roving for eyes and needle felt them onto either side of head. Pass a 3" length of floral wire under bird, then shape ends into 1/2" s-shaped feet.
  • 6. Arrange felt flowers around cone, and place velvet brad in center of each flower. Apply glue to brad ends then reinsert them through the flower center and into cone. For base, arrange remaining nine light blue felt flowers over disc. Place an iridescent sequin in center of each flower and use straight pin to anchor flowers in place. Arrange birds together at base of tree. Use small hairpin or section of paper clip to secure wire foot onto disc, gluing ends before inserting.