Embellished Ribbon Tote

for  Singer

An everyday canvas tote embellished with ribbon and lace makes a great gift or dolls up a book or beach tote. Other ornamentals such as flowers or buttons can be added for additional charm.

  • Embellished Ribbon Tote
  • Tote
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  • Canvas tote
  • White lace
  • Pink velvet ribbon
  • Silk gerber daisies, two
  • Rhinestone button or flowers (optional)


  • SINGER Vivo The Create & Repair Machine

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, iron and pressing surface, straight pins, matching thread, measuring tape, sewing needle
  • 1. Measure width of tote from edge to edge; add 1" to measurement.
  • 2. Cut lace and ribbon to measurement taken in Step 1.
  • 3. Fold under 1/2" on each raw edge of trim to wrong side; press.
  • 4. Position lace about 1" from top edge of tote; pin in place to secure. Position ribbon on top of lace centering horizontally; pin in place to secure.
  • 5. Insert appropriate needle for fabric used. Set machine for straight stitch. Thread top of machine and bobbin with matching thread.
  • 6. Carefully stitch along edge on all four sides of velvet ribbon. Be sure to remove pins as you sew. Backstitch at beginning and end of stitching to help secure thread in place.
  • 7. Remove tote from machine. Trim thread tails.
  • 8. Hand-sew flowers to lace trim using needle and thread. Knot ends.
  • Tip
  • 1. If trying to choose between two colors of thread, opt for the darker color which will usually blend in better than a lighter color.