Stuffed Penguin Toy

By  Eve Leder 

size: 11-1/2" tall

  • Stuffed Penguin Toy


  • National Nonwovens Style Woolfelt: Gold (0416), White (1100), Black (1000), Norwegian Blue (0579)
  • Fairfield Processing: Poly-Fil Polyester Fiberfill, Crafter’s Choice Polyester Fiberfill


  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Royal & Langnickel Transfer Paper Series Graphite Paper: Gray, White
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, straight pins, iron and pressing surface, copy paper

Pattern - Stuffed Penguin Toy

  • Note
  • 1. Seam allowances are 1/4". Pieces are sewn together with right sides facing. To ensure best results, follow directions regarding hand basting prior to machine sewing. Remove handmade stitches after machine sewing.
  • Toy
  • 1. Print out patterns. Transfer patterns onto felt using Gray or White transfer paper; cut out pieces.
  • 2. For beak, sew center seam of two beak pieces together to form top of beak and two pieces together to form bottom of beak. Press center seams open. Align center seam of beak with center of forehead; sew together.
  • 3. For cheeks and body front, sew center seams and press open. Align center seam of beak with center seam of cheeks. Hand baste into place starting and ending 1/4" from edge. Sew together and press seam open.
  • 4. Pin top edge of cheek to forehead, easing fabrics together; hand baste. Using sewing machine, sew forehead and cheeks together.
  • 5. To make length of bottom of cheeks comparable to top edge of body, gathering stitches are used. Using straight stitch, change stitch length to 4mm on sewing machine. Sew along bottom edge of cheeks, pulling thread to gather.
  • 6. Align center seam of cheeks with center seam of body; pin together. Sew together using standard length straight stitch on sewing machine.
  • 7. Sew back of body to back of head.
  • 8. For wings, sew outside edges with right sides facing. Turn right side out; lightly stuff with fiberfill. Pin wings in place between front and back pieces. Sew together.
  • 9. For feet, sew outside edges with right sides facing. Turn right side out; lightly stuff with fiberfill. Pin feet in place at bottom of body front. Sew together.
  • 10. To attach bottom of body to top of body, sew 3/4 of way around with right sides facing, leaving large opening on one side. (Note: Feet should be placed inward, between right sides.) Turn right side out. Stuff body of penguin with poly-fil; sew opening closed using needle and thread.
  • 11. Adhere eye shapes together; adhere on face. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Substitute wool felt with fleece for a super-soft and extremely cuddly toy.