Simple Ribbon Wreath

By  Charlene Kochensparger 

size: 10" diameter

  • Simple Ribbon Wreath


  • White foam wreath, 10” diameter
  • Lavender elastic crocheted ribbon, 2 yds.
  • Fabric-covered brads, two
  • White silk daisies, six
  • Small plastic duck


  • Clear adhesive dots

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, clear tape
  • 1. Wrap ribbon around wreath, securing ends on back with adhesive dots. Trim ends.
  • 2. Stack three daisies together. Use fabric-covered brad (as flower center) to push daisy stack into foam wreath. Repeat for other daisy stack.
  • 3. Adhere duck to wreath using adhesive dots.
  • 4. To hang, use adhesive dots to secure wreath to door or wall.
  • Tip
  • 1. If ends of elastic ribbon fray, secure by adhering edges with clear tape.