Romantic Ruffled Pillow

Flower dies and fabric dyes are essential tools needed to make this beautiful home decor piece!
By  Melony Bradley 

size: 14"x14"

  • Romantic Ruffled Pillow


  • Fairfield Home Elegance Square Pillow Insert, 14”x14”
  • White muslin fabric, 1 yd.
  • White wool felt, scraps
  • Melissa Frances Vintage Filigree Jeweled Brooch


  • Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cutting System and Bigz Flower Layers #4 Die
  • Sewing machine and thread: ecru, black
  • Sewing needle
  • Jacquard Products iDye Fabric Dye for Natural Fibers: Ecru, Chartreuse, Deep Orange, Pink
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • measuring cup, long kitchen tongs, one-gallon container, kitchen thermometer, large pot, stovetop, rubber gloves, plastic tablecloth (to cover work surface), pins, ruler, scissors, iron, old towel
  • 1. Use scissors to cut two 15" squares from muslin. Cut small slit at short edge of remaining muslin, 2-1/2" from edge. By hand, tear remaining muslin into 2-1/2"-wide strips.
  • 2. In large pot, heat four cups of water on stovetop until very hot, approximately 140°F. Pour 1-1/2 cups hot water into large container. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth.
  • 3. Wearing rubber gloves, empty Ecru dye packet into water in container. Stir well with kitchen tongs; remove any remaining packet scraps. Add muslin squares, one at a time, to dye. Let sit 15 minutes and then remove from mixture. Discard mixture and rinse container. Rinse excess dye from fabric; squeeze excess water from fabric and wrap in old towel to absorb moisture. Hang fabric to air dry.
  • 4. Divide torn muslin strips into three piles. Pour 3/4 cup hot water into large container; add Chartreuse dye packet. Stir and remove packet scraps. Add one-third of muslin strips to mixture. Let sit 15 minutes and then remove from mixture. Rinse container and fabric; blot moisture in old towel. Hang fabric strips to air dry.
  • 5. Repeat Step 4 to dye one-third of muslin strips Deep Orange and remaining muslin strips Pink.
  • 6. When all fabric is dry, press with iron on steam setting. Gather all strips using a knife pleat, sewing machine, and black thread. Join same-color strips together to create four-yard length of each color.
  • 7. Use fabric glue to adhere strips to one 15" pillow square. Work strips into spirals, alternating colors. Spot glue fabric as needed.
  • 8. Die cut flower layers from white wool felt; layer and adhere to center of ruffled design. Pin brooch to flower center.
  • 9. Use cream thread to sew pillow front and back together, right sides facing, using 1/2" seam allowance and leaving bottom edge open for turning. Steam seams open and turn pillow right side out. Insert pillow form; use needle and ecru thread to whipstitch opening closed.
  • Tip
  • 1. For Valentine décor, dye muslin strips Pink, True Red, and Crimson and glue to pillow in heart shape; embellish center of ruffles with die-cut felt heart.