Green T-shirt Scarf & Felted Pin

By  Deborah Anderson 

sizes: scarf, 24" long; pin, 4"

  • Green T-shirt Scarf & Felted Pin
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  • Green cotton/polyester t-shirt
  • Clover Natural Wool Roving: Red, Orange, Moss Green
  • Seed beads
  • Ultra-suede fabric, scrap
  • Metal pin back


  • Sewing needle and matching thread
  • Beading needle
  • OLFA: Quick-Change Rotary Cutter, Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Quilt Ruler
  • Clover Needle Felting: Tool, Fine Weight Refill Needles, Felting Needle Mat
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, iron and pressing surface, pen
  • Green Scarf
  • 1. Iron to remove wrinkles from t-shirt. Lay t-shirt flat on cutting mat, lining up hem. Using rotary cutter and ruler as guide, cut hem from shirt.
  • 2. Starting from bottom where hem was removed, position ruler 3/4" from bottom. Start cutting strip using rotary cutter, making sure to stop 1" from end. (Note: Do not cut strip completely off.)
  • 3. Continue to cut 3/4"-wide strips until just under armhole area. Cut last strip all way across, cutting entire armhole portion off. (Note: You now have several strips/loops cut that are attached at one end.)
  • 4. To make strips longer, hold loop at one end and uncut edge at other end and gently stretch. (Note: This will make strips roll and get longer.)
  • 5. Cut 3/4"-wide strip from cut armhole portion. Stretch strip so fabric rolls. Wrap strip around uncut area on scarf. Tuck in ends; use sewing needle and thread to secure ends down. (Note: This acts as a finishing touch to hide uncut area.)
  • 6. To wear scarf, twist, braid, or double-loop around neck or position flat like long necklace.
  • Felted Pin
  • 1. Place small amount of Red roving on top of felting mat with brush side up. Use felting needle tool to felt flower petal. Unlock tool and move needle tool up and down vigorously until petal is felted. Add more roving as needed. Needle felt five more Red petals.
  • 2. Needle felt 5/8"x5" Orange roving strip. Roll strip into loose jelly roll. Needle felt 1-1/2"x2" Red roving circle for flower backing. Needle felt two leaves using Moss Green roving.
  • 3. Arrange six petals on top of circle and needle felt into place. Needle felt Orange jelly roll on center of flower and leaves around flower edges. Needle felt circle on bottom of flower.
  • 4. Thread beading needle with thread and seed beads. Sew row of seed beads on each leaf. Sew seed beads randomly on center of flower. Knot thread ends.
  • 5. Cut 2" circle from ultra-suede fabric. Position pin back on circle; use pen to mark top and bottom of pin. Cut slits on markings using scissors. Insert head of pin in one slit and end of pin in other slit. Fasten pin. Apply fabric glue on wrong side of circle and adhere on bottom of flower. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. When creating scarf, if some strips are longer than others, tuck the longer ones under the wrapped piece and secure using sewing needle and thread.