Family Photos Quilt

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 51"x72"

  • Family Photos Quilt
  • Family Photos Quilt
  • Diagram 1
  • Diagram 2


  • Avatrex Quilt Attitude Inkjet Film, 8-1/2”x11”, eight
  • Fabrics: white or cream fabric (A), 2/3 yd.; background (B), 1-1/4 yd.; medium green (C), 1/2 yd.; dark green (D), 1/2 yd.; purple (E), 1 yd.; black (F), 1/2 yd.; backing (G), 3 yds.
  • Lightweight low loft batting, 50”x70”
  • Digital images of family, 8”x10”, eight


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Acrylic rulers: 6”x24”, 16-1/2”x16-1/2”, 6”x6”
  • Self-healing cutting mat, 18”x24”
  • Computer and inkjet printer
  • Fusible webbing, 9”x11”, eight

Basic Supplies

  • straight pins, rotary cutter, iron and pressing surface
  • Note
  • 1. Fabric A will be background for Attitude image. It should be white or cream for the translucent Attitude image to be the correct colors, unless special effects are desired.
  • Quilt
  • 1. Read Avatrex Quilt Attitude package instructions. Use computer and inkjet printer to print mirror image of 8"x10" photo onto glossy side of Attitude sheet.
  • 2. Use rotary cutter and 6"x24" ruler on cutting mat to cut Fabric A into two 11"x44" strips. Cut eight 9"x11" Fabric A strips and eight 9"x11" pieces from fusible webbing.
  • 3. Follow manufacturer's instructions to adhere fusible webbing to right side of 9"x11" Fabric A strips. Flip over Attitude sheet, carefully centering glossy (printed) side of Attitude onto fusible webbing side of Fabric A on ironing board. Cover with cloth. Iron with even pressure for about 60 seconds until all areas have been covered. Remove press cloth; peel away backing paper and let cool. Repeat process to attach remaining Attitude images to fabric pieces; trim fabric to 8-1/2"x10-1/2". Set aside.
  • 4. (Note: 1/4" seam allowance is included in cutting measurements.) With rotary cutter and 6"x24" ruler on cutting mat, cut from fabrics: eight 1-1/4"x44" Fabric F strips and cut each strip into two 8-1/2" and two 12" lengths; four 1"x44" Fabric B strips and cut into 16 1"x10" lengths; five 1-3/4"x44" Fabric B strips and cut into 16 1-3/4"x13-1/2" lengths.
  • 5. Refer to Diagram 1 to sew Attitude fabric and strips together to assemble photo blocks. (Note: Using 16-1/2" ruler is important for well-pieced quilt.) For inner border, sew 1-1/4"x8-1/2" Fabric F strips to 8-1/2" sides of Attitude fabric block. Sew 1-1/4"x12" Fabric F strips to 12" sides of Attitude fabric block. Press. For outer border, sew 1"x10" strips to short sides of block and 1-3/4"x12-1/2" strips to long sides of block. Press. Repeat to sew borders on all eight blocks. Use 16-1/2" ruler to "square up" blocks to 13-1/2"x13-1/2".
  • 6. For star blocks, cut the following: four 5"x44" Fabric B strips and cut into twenty-eight 5" squares, then diagonally cut into 56 half-square triangles; two 5"x44" Fabric C strips and cut into fourteen 5" squares, then diagonally cut into 28 half-square triangles; two 5"x55" Fabric D strips and cut into fourteen 5" squares, then diagonally cut into 28 half-square triangles; one 4-1/2"x44" Fabric E strip and cut into seven 4-1/2"x4-1/2" squares.
  • 7. Place one Fabric B and Fabric C triangle with right sides together and sew diagonal edge. Press triangle open, pressing seam to green side. Place diagonal line of 6" square ruler over seam line; trim to 4-1/2". Repeat with remaining Fabric B, C, and D triangles to make 56 half-square triangle blocks. Refer to Diagram 2 for placement of dark and light half-square triangle blocks with center purple block; sew eight star blocks. Press.
  • 8. Referring to photo, lay out squares on floor, arranging position of photos as desired. Sew together blocks in vertical columns, alternating photo blocks and star blocks. For sashing strips between columns, measure length of each column and find average length. Cut nine 3"x44" strips. Sew together short ends of strips. Cut four pieces by length of averaged measurement (approx. 60-1/2"). Sew vertical rows of sashing strips. Measure width of quilt at several places and average this measurement. Cut two pieces by averaged length measurement (approx. 48-1/2"). Sew strips across top and bottom of quilt.
  • 9. For backing, cut Fabric G in half into two 54" lengths. Cut one length into two 22"x54" pieces. Sew one 22"-wide piece to each side of remaining 54" length to make approx. 54"x88" rectangle. Layer backing, batting, and quilt top on work surface. Baste together as desired. Trim excess batting and backing about 3" larger than quilt. Hand or machine quilt as desired.
  • 10. For binding, cut six 2-1/2"x44" Fabric E strips. Sew short ends on strips together. Fold strip in half lengthwise (with wrong sides together); press. Sew binding to quilt top.