DIY Custom Play Mat

By  Maureen Wilson of MadeByMarzipan.com  for  Sakura of America

Kids will enjoy this fun-and-easy project which allows them to incorporate their favorite toys during play time. Use Sakura's Permapaque dual-point markers which contain a durable ink that goes on smoothly like paint.

  • DIY Custom Play Mat
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  • Create a Skylanders Mat
  • Great for Travel


  • Vinyl (may also be called "faux leather", "naugahyde”, or “marine vinyl”)


  • Sakura of America Permapaque Dual-Point Markers
  • Clear finishing spray (optional)

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. Cut vinyl to preferred size.
  • 2. Create design for mat. If your child is old enough, have them draw their own design. Involve smaller children by asking what they think should be included.
  • 3. Outline design using fine point of Permapaque marker.
  • 4. Use various other shades of markers to create background items, such as small town, field of flowers, or farm with animals. Use the chisel tip edge of Permapaque marker to fill in larger areas of play mat. Finish coloring design, including background area.
  • 5. Spray light coat of clear finishing spray on completed mat in well-ventilated area. (Note: Only adults should use spray cans.)
  • 6. Roll up the finished play mat and secure with an elastic band for portable playtime.
  • Tip
  • 1. Sakura's Permapaque dual-point markers contain a durable ink that goes on smoothly like paint. It dries almost instantly so there are no worries about smearing. The broad chisel point is ideal for coloring in large areas. For this project, the entire background was filled in without stopping, and the color stayed consistent the entire time. Visit Sakura's YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TJJ9i2yRaY&feature=share&list=PLDDC2AD5FBB888D72 for a video demonstration of this project.
  • About this Project
  • 1. The play mat is a portable play space for your child to use while also protecting furniture surfaces. But, just how durable is this project? The Permapaque ink stays put pretty well, even when rubbed with a damp cloth. After a couple weeks of intense playtime, there may be some minor scratches from car wheels. It can be prevented by spraying a light coat of clear finishing spray on the completed mat. This spray can be found in the fine art section of the craft department, typically by the paints. Since multiple brands of sprays react differently with fabrics and inks, it is recommended to always test your specific fabric type prior to final application. Always use sprays in well-ventilated areas.