Little Miss Muffet's Spider

By  Pam Sicely 

size: 6"

  • Little Miss Muffets Spider


  • Black child-size glove
  • Black child-size sock
  • Felt: brown, white
  • Recycled film canister
  • Purple chenille stems, four 12” lengths
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Orange/yellow striped ribbon
  • Wiggle eyes, four
  • Purple silk flower
  • Yellow bead
  • Fabric glue


  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape

Pattern - Little Miss Muffet's Spider

  • 1. Measure and cut 3"from sock (by toes). Stuff sock (body) with polyester. Glue opening closed. Glue body on top of glove (legs).
  • 2. Insert chenille stems through body and fingers on glove, forming legs.
  • 3. Print and cut out patterns. For hat, cover film canister with brown felt. Glue hat circle on bottom of hat and hat on top of head.
  • 4. Glue mouth and eyes on face.
  • 5. Measure and cut 10" ribbon length. Tie ribbon bow; glue bow under mouth.
  • 6. Glue flower on hat band and bead on flower center.