Dad’s Favorite Shirt Place Mats

By  Jennifer Davey 

size: 12"x18"

  • Shirt Place Mat
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  • Men’s button up dress shirt
  • Adhesive-back fleece, 12”x18”
  • Cotton print fabric, 18”x18”


  • Sewing machine and matching thread

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, pins, sewing needle
  • 1. Cut 13"x19" piece from front and back of dress shirt. Cut collar off shirt and cut collar in half at back.
  • 2. Iron fusible fleece to center of shirt front piece. Machine stitch shirt front closed following center shirt seam.
  • 3. Press all cut edges of front and back under 1/2".
  • 4. Arrange collar tips as desired at top on front of place mat; pin. Position place mat right side facing down; unfold pressed edge and sew along crease to secure collar. Trim away excess collar.
  • 5. Pin front and back of place mat together, matching pressed edges. (Note: Collar points will point out and away from shirt front.) Sew around edges with 1/16" border.
  • 6. Press collar back to desired location, tack collar in place as needed. If using a button-down collar, hand sew buttons in place.
  • 7. Hem edges of cotton fabric square (napkin). Tie knot in top corner of napkin, leaving 3" tail. Tuck tail under collar.