QC: Lavish Flower Wreath

By  Maryellen Kim 

  • Lavish Flower Wreath
  • Wreath
  • Closeup View of Flowers
  • Different Angle of Flowers


  • Wreath
  • Vintage flower brooches
  • Floral clip on earrings
  • 10” floral foam or STYROFOAM (Dow)
  • Silk ribbon or fabric strips
  • 12” ribbon
  • Knob or finial


  • Glue
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1. Create a fabulous flea market wreath using vintage flowers from 1950's/60's style enameled brooches and floral clip on earrings. You'll have to get out there and do some junking to find these hidden gems.
  • 2. To make the wreath, cover 10" floral foam or STYROFOAM (Dow) brand foam wreath with silk ribbon or fabric strips until no green or foam is showing. Glue ribbon end to wreath. Arrange vintage jewelry flat market finds around wreath as desired. Undo pin findings in back of enameled brooches and use point to pierce ribbon and affix jewelry to the wreath. You may need to use pliers to remove sharp edges or bent wires.
  • 3. Some flea market finds may be in a bit of disrepair, and that's okay! When it comes to flea market goodies, an item's aged patina is part of the charm. If you don't have a sharp pin on the back to affix your pieces, use a hot glue gun to attach them. Additionally, you may like to use vintage earring pieces, parts of old necklaces, beads, or buttons-be creative!
  • 4. Attach enough bits and pieces to cover the wreath, and don't forget to add some jewels to the inner and outer edges, too. Use a 12" ribbon length to hang your wreath from a pretty knob or finial. Use vintage knobs or find a new one at your local home improvement store.