Felted Squirrel Tote

By  Heidi Boyd 

  • Felted Squirrel Tote


  • Felted sweaters: child’s striped hooded; green
  • Pink felted wool beads (Art Girlz)
  • Wool roving: beige; ivory; dark brown; rust; green; multicolor (pink, purple and white)


  • Needle felting tool (Clover Manufacturing)
  • Pen style needle felting tool (Clover Manufacturing)
  • Rigid insulation
  • Sewing needle and pink thread
  • Hook-and-loop tape square
  • Optional: sewing machine and matching thread

Pattern - Felted Squirrel Tote

  • 1. Cut purse from center of sweater's hood. (Note: Use sweater cuffs and trims when cutting pairs.) With right sides together, machine sew down one side, across bottom and up other side. Turn purse right side out.
  • 2. For squirrel, place piece of rigid insulation inside purse. Pull off section of ivory roving, spiral into an oval body shape and place it on center front of purse. Pull off slightly smaller piece of ivory roving, shape into second oval and place short side down on top of body for head. Make third elongated ivory oval for tail and place next to body. Repeatedly press needle-felting tool into roving through sweater and down into insulation. Outline all thread shapes with strands of beige roving using a single felting needle or pen style tool to press beige roving in place.
  • 3. Roll four paws from beige roving and needle felt to top and bottom of body. Roll tiny eyes and nose from dark brown roving and needle felt to face. Use more strands of brown roving to outline finished squirrel. Shape small green leaf and rust colored acorn; needle felt between squirrel's paws. Remove insulation.
  • 4. For purse straps, use salvaged trim pieces from zipper. Rip out stitching to remove zipper from sweater. Use two finished pieces for straps. (Note: Substitute I-cord, cut finished edges or use sturdy ribbons for purse strap. Hand stitch straps to either side of purse, letting ends extend below top edge of purse.
  • 5. Print and cut out patterns. Use pattern to cut two oak leaves from green felted sweater scrap. Needle felt small amount of rust roving to felt beads to make acorns. Hand stitch leaves and felted acorns to purse strap ends.
  • 6. For closure, hand stitch hook-and-loop squares to inside top of purse.