Fabulous Needle-Felted Bouquet

By  Decadent Fibers 

It's "Blooms Gone Wild!" Create this felted floral arrangement in a vintage teapot or vase to add a touch of spring to your décor.

  • Closeup View
  • Fabulous Needle Felted Bouquet


  • Decadent Fibers Needle-Felting Foam, 2”x8”x10”
  • Decadent Fibers Custom Hand-Dyed Roving


  • Felting needle
  • Needle felting mat
  • 1. Read "Needle Felting Technique" before beginning project.
  • 2. For petals, jab felting needle into fiber on foam in an up and down motion. Fibers will felt in direction needle is jabbed. Periodically pull shapes up off of foam, turn over and needle felt other side. For a sharp and refined petal edge, jab needle into side of petal at an angle towards middle. Create a number of petals for each flower and attach 1-2 petals to center at a time, using felting needle until they are all connected.
  • 3. For flower center, place wisps of color in center where petals are joined; needle felt in place. Make center as large as desired, adding dimension to flower. Add some interesting color and shading to petals once they are in a flower shape. For cup shape, jab at an angle up through petal to curl up fibers on inside and outside bottom of flower. Add some green fiber to bottom of flower for attaching stem.
  • 4. For stem, choose from many variations, from sticks from nature to pipe wrapped with wool. Tightly wrap wool roving around top of stem. Bend grapevine wrapped floral wire in a "U" shape and needle felt a small rectangle of green fivers down across "u" and into back of flower. Crimp "u" together and needle felt more green fibers to shape fiber back.
  • Needle Felting Technique
  • 1. Felting is an ancient art, but needle felting is a phenomena that is taking the needle arts world by storm! It is a creative process that appears magical using just a few simple tools, instructions and your creativity. As you jab your felting needle down through the wool fibers, the barbs on the needle grab onto the fibers, entangling and interlocking them, felting them down permanently. The more you jab the needle through the fiber the more the fibers felt. Use many short fast jabs and remember the angle at which you pierce the fibers is the angle at which they will felt. The longer you jab, the denser the felt. You will be amazed at your creative ability and the magic of the dry felt technique! You are actually sculpting the fiber using the felting needle.
  • 2. Using a few simple shapes like hearts, circles and ovals can create more flowers. Refer to the bouquet photo as you create various flower shapes. Pull of small wisps of colored fiber; hold the fiber with your thumbs and first two fingers using both hands, quickly, but gently, tug in opposite directions so the fibers will easily pull apart. Lay these wisps thinly on your decadent foam at right angles to each other. Do not be tempted to lay down thick layers of fiber; many thin wisps will needle felt easier. Go easy as you can always add more fibers at any time.