Decorative Fabric Strip Rug

By  Cheryl Ball  for  Duncan Enterprises

Here's a really easy, no-sew way to create a fun, unique rug for your room - all you do is cut long strips and then glue them to a purchased rug.

  • Decorative Fabric Strip Rug


  • Tightly-woven area rug or mat, 2’x3’
  • Assorted cotton fabric scraps, various widths at least 28” long


  • Pinking shears
  • Palette knife or 2”-wide flat paintbrush
  • Aleene’s Thick Designer Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, yardstick, aluminum foil, plastic tablecloth (to cover work surface)
  • 1. Use pinking shears to cut 28" long strips of various widths from all fabrics. This will allow a 2" overlap on each side of rug, which will be adhered to back.
  • 2. Squeeze large puddle of glue onto foil. On covered work surface, use paintbrush or palette knife to apply generous amount of glue to one 24" edge of rug where first strip will be placed. Using photo as placement guide, center first fabric strip over glue and press firmly to rug.
  • 3. Continue covering rug with fabric strips, applying glue to each section and allowing each strip to overlap the previous one by 1/4". Let dry.
  • 4. Turn rug over and apply glue along both long edges. While glue is still wet, fold over excess fabric to back and press to adhere. Let dry. Use pinking shears to cut excess fabric at each end into fringe.
  • 5. Use pinking shears to cut four 4" circles and four 2" circles from various fabrics. Using photo as guide, adhere large circles across mat. Adhere small circles to large circles, varying placement as desired. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Raid the fabric store's remnant bin to find inexpensive prints and solids to save money.
  • 2. To create circles, trace drinking glasses or jar lids onto your fabric with a pencil, then cut out.
  • 3. To give your rug a different look, adhere ruffled ribbon instead of fabric scrap on the two rug ends.
  • Variations
  • 1. Cover a scrapbook album with fabric or paper strips cut and glue the same way.
  • 2. In a hurry? Use brushable fabric paint to add stripes and dots to rug and other fabric surfaces.