Country Chic-Book Jackets

By  April Moffatt 

size: varies

  • Country Chic-Book Jackets


  • Cotton print fabric, 1/2 yd.
  • Muslin, scrap
  • Embroidery thread, in colors of choice


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Scallop-edge rotary cutter
  • Disappearing fabric pen
  • Embroidery needle, sewing hoop, thimble

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, iron and pressing surface
  • 1. To cut book cover from fabric, use following formula: width is equal to four times width of front cover; length is equal to height of book plus 2". Cut fabric to fit book.
  • 2. With fabric pen, write book's title or subject on piece of muslin. Secure muslin in embroidery hoop and use running stitch to outline letters in floss color of choice. Cut muslin with scallop-edge rotary cutter about 1" on outside of embroidered letters.
  • 3. Turn fabric cover lengthwise with wrong side facing up. Repeat with bottom edge. Press side edges under 1/2" and then 2". Machine-sew along edges; press well again. Clip corners and turn right side out.
  • 4. Position book in sewn fabric jacket. Mark placement for embroidered muslin patch on book spine. Remove fabric jacket; machine-sew embroidered muslin patch on book spine. Knot thread ends. Slide book into fabric jacket.
  • Tip
  • 1. Create a paper template for book jacket by covering book the traditional way using a brown paper grocery bag. Trace and cut paper template from fabric.