Beach Cottage Pillows

By  Melony Bradley 

  • Beach Cottage Pillows


  • Natural cotton fabric pillow, 17” square
  • Wool Felt (National Nonwovens): White; Navy; Denim
  • Natural burlap, 9” square
  • Clear silver-lined seed beads, 11/0


  • White embroidery floss
  • White beading thread
  • Needles: sewing; embroidery
  • Lite Steam a Seam (The Warm Co.)
  • Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Iron and pressing board

Pattern - Beach Cottage Pillows

  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse navy, denim and white wool felt to webbing. Cut 7-1/2" square from navy felt and four 3" squares from denim felt. Print and cut out patterns. Transfer shells onto paper side of webbing; cut out. Fuse shells to center of denim squares. Fuse four squares to large navy square and navy square to burlap square.
  • 2. Sew seed beads to shells. For sand dollar, sew one bead to center and seven on five sides. For starfish, sew twelve beads on five sides. For scalloped shell, sew 10 beads on four sides and 18 to bottom. For conch shell, sew five to first row, 10 to second row and 14 to third row.
  • 3. Use two strands embroidery floss to blanket stitch edges of navy square, denim squares and shells. Carefully fray burlap edges evenly. Glue burlap square to center of pillow.
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