Ombre-Dyed Whimsical Owl

By  Debra Quartermain  for  Rit Dye

size: 7"

  • Ombre-Dyed Whimsical Owl


  • Natural Nonwovens White WoolFelt, 12”x18”
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • White cotton craft thread, 6 yds.
  • Wooden dowel, 1/8” diameter, 8" length
  • Blumenthal Lansing White Button, 1/2”
  • Pennies (to weight feet)


  • Rit Fuchsia Liquid Dye
  • Embroidery needle
  • White acrylic paint
  • Fabric glue

Basic Supplies

  • measuring cup, wooden spoon, two-gallon container, large pot, rubber gloves, plastic tablecloth, white vinegar, pencil, stovetop, cardstock scrap, pins, ruler, scissors, paintbrush, iron

Pattern - Ombre-Dyed Whimsical Owl

  • 1. Wash and dry wool felt to remove any starches. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth.
  • 2. In large pot, heat eight cups of water on stovetop until very hot, approximately 140ºF. Pour hot water into large container. Wearing rubber gloves, measure 1/2 cup Fuchsia dye and add to hot water. Stir well.
  • 3. For ombre technique, immerse one third of felt piece into dye bath for 10 minutes. After five minutes, add 1/4 cup vinegar, stirring continuously for another five minutes. (Note: The vinegar helps the wool to achieve a more intense color.) Add five yards of craft thread to dye bath. Allow craft thread to remain in dye bath until desired color is achieved. (Note: Color will appear lighter when dry.) Immerse center section of felt for five minutes and top third for one minute.
  • 4. Remove felt and squeeze out excess dye. Rinse felt under cool running water, holding lighter color at top so dye flows through to deeper fuchsia end. Wash in warm water with mild detergent; rinse and hang dry. Iron flat.
  • 5. Print out patterns. Transfer owl patterns onto cardstock. Trace and cut out two hearts, two body pieces, two beaks, two wings, and four feet pieces from dyed felt. Arrange pattern pieces on felt so wings and beak are lighter shades of dyed felt.
  • 6. Pin wings onto body front, creating heart shape. Blanket stitch around edges of each wing, leaving space where wing edge joins body edge. (Note: This will be finished after body is assembled.)
  • 7. Layer and pin beak pieces together. Blanket stitch around pieces. Adhere beak onto face using fabric glue; let dry. Using white craft thread, sew straight stitches for eyes on either side of beak.
  • 8. Pin body pieces together. Using dyed craft thread, sew blanket stitch around edges of owl, lifting wings at edge, and leaving 2" opening. Stuff owl with fiberfill; sew opening closed. Adhere wing edges down on body sides.
  • 9. Pin feet pieces together. Sew around each foot using dyed craft thread and blanket stitch, inserting four pennies into each foot to weight. (Note: This will help owl stand.) Adhere feet onto bottom of body.
  • 10. Using white craft thread, sew white button onto center of heart. Sew straight stitch "x" on either side of button. Pin heart pieces together. Sew around edges using dyed craft thread and blanket stitch, leaving 2" opening. Stuff heart with fiberfill; sew opening closed.
  • 11. Paint dowel white; let dry. Use point of scissors to make small hole on bottom of heart; insert dowel and spot glue to adhere. Spot glue other end of dowel on top of wings. Let dry.