Hanging Fabric-Covered Frame

for  Craft Marketing Connections

size: 12"x12"

  • Hanging Fabric-Covered Frame


  • FloraCraft Make It: Fun Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Blocks: 1-3/16”x9-7/8”x11-7/8”, 11-5/16”x3-7/8”x11-7/8”
  • Avatrex Scrapbooking Attitude sheets, 8-1/2”x11”, two
  • Artist canvas boards, 1/4” thick, 5”x7”, two
  • Digital photos, 5-1/2”x7-1/2”, two
  • Fabric, 1/2 yd. each: black print, green print
  • Black/white ribbon, 7/8”-wide, 1 yd.
  • Clear fishing line, 10” length
  • Straight pin, 1”


  • FloraCraft Design It Foam Cutter
  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Products: #11 Craft Knife, 12”x12” Self Healing Cutting Mat, 12” Metal Ruler, 8” Scissors
  • Computer and inkjet printer
  • Adhesives: Elmer’s CraftBond All Purpose Glue Stick; glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • pencil
  • 1. Use foam cutter to cut one block to measure 9-7/8"x11-7/8" on cutting mat. For center opening, measure and mark 1-3/4" in from all sides. Cut opening, making cuts as straight and perpendicular to work surface as possible.
  • 2. (Note: Inside opening of frame is covered first.) Use scissors to cut 16"x18" green print fabric rectangle. Place fabric right side down on cutting mat. Apply glue stick to front of frame. Place frame, with glue side down, on center of fabric rectangle. With craft knife and metal ruler inside frame opening, cut from corner to corner creating large "X" in fabric. Wrap fabric around inside edge to top of frame and adhere using glue stick. Trim excess fabric that extends beyond edges. Cut small fabric pieces to fill in corners, tucking under glued fabric; adhere using glue stick. Fold fabric on outside of frame (like wrapping a present); use glue stick to adhere.
  • 3. Use glue stick to adhere ribbon to inside of frame opening, starting at one corner, and going around opening. Trim excess. Set aside.
  • 4. Cut 13"x16" black print fabric rectangle. To cover base, wrap fabric around 3-7/8"x11-7/8" block (like a present); use glue stick to adhere. Use glue gun to adhere frame centered on top of base.
  • 5. Follow manufacturer's instructions on scrapbooking film sheets. Using computer and inkjet printer, print mirror image of each digital photo onto glossy side of scrapbooking film sheets. Trim around images with 1/2" border. (Note: Do not remove backing paper.) Apply glue stick onto one canvas board. Peel backing from scrapbooking film and press image onto center of canvas board. Gently smooth to eliminate air bubbles. Turn canvas board over with wrong side up on work surface. Apply glue stick onto edges and wrap excess photo film around edges. Let dry. Repeat process to adhere other image on remaining canvas board.
  • 6. Turn canvas board over on work surface. Find center of board and apply vertical line of hot glue. Press fishing line into hot glue, with end extending above top of canvas board. Adhere remaining canvas board onto top (with wrong sides together), sandwiching fishing line. Knot end of fishing line around head of straight pin 3/4" from top of canvas boards. Find inside top center of frame opening; insert pin. If necessary, adjust knot and reinsert pin into frame so photos are centered and hang freely.