Vintage Linen Tea Towels

By  Mary Ayres 

  • Vintage Linen Tea Towels


  • Pink or blue linen-look dishtowel (Wimpole Street Creations)
  • Vintage linen with white background, 5" square
  • Yellow single fold bias tape, 2-1/4 yds.
  • Assorted white pearl flat buttons, 5/8", four
  • Medium blue jumbo rickrack, 3/4 yd.


  • Sewing thread: white; pink; medium blue
  • Sewing needle
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and pressing board
  • Sewing machine and matching threads
  • 1. Pin vintage linen square to center front of towel and baste close to edge of square. (Note: Bottom of square should be 2-3/4" up from bottom of towel.)
  • 2. Extend lines around square to edges of towel, using pencil and ruler. Sew yellow single fold tape horizontally then vertically on top of lines, turning raw edges of tape under 1/4" at edges of towel and covering raw edges of linen square. (Note: Stitch close to both edges of tape.)
  • 3. Sew rickrack across bottom front of towel close to edge on back side, turning raw edges under at sides.
  • 4. Sew buttons to corners of vintage linen square on top of yellow tape, using pink or blue thread.
  • More
  • 1. Instead of a tea towel, showcase vintage fabric scraps on pillows, aprons and totes.