Sewn Harvest Pumpkins

By  April Moffatt 

Textured twine, rich velvet, and plumped-up cotton make this plush pair of pumpkins irresistible when decorating this fall.

  • Sewn Harvest Pumpkins


  • Tan cotton fabric, 1/2 yd.
  • Brown velvet, scraps
  • Fairfield Crafter’s Choice Fiberfill
  • Polyform Sculpey UltraLight Clay: White
  • Jute twine, 24” length


  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Large-eye sewing needle
  • Acrylic brayer or clay-dedicated rolling pin
  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille paintbrushes: Series 7000C Golden Taklon Round #1, Series 7550C Glaze/Wash 1”, Series 7300C Shader #4
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet
  • Oven
  • Decoart Americana Acrylic Paints: Wasabi Green, Hauser Medium Green, Foliage Green
  • DecoArt DuraClear Gloss Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, toothpick, newspaper, craft knife

Pattern - Sewn Harvest Pumpkins

  • Sizes
  • 1. Pumpkins are 6"x12" and 3"x6".
  • Note
  • 1. All seam allowances are 1/2".
  • Sewn Harvest Pumpkins
  • 1. Print patterns.
  • 2. Fold velvet fabric right sides together and cut two pumpkin stems. After cutting, stitch right sides together, up one side, across angled top and down other side, leaving bottom open. Clip corners and turn right side out.
  • 3. Stuff pumpkin stem with fiberfill. Tightly fold raw edges under and hand sew opening closed using whipstitch. Set aside.
  • 4. With right sides together, fold tan cotton fabric in half. Measuring from fold, cut 9"x9" square and 12"x12" square. (Note: A 9" side and 12" side should be on fold.)
  • 5. With right sides together, sew up short side selvage of each pumpkin but leave 3" opening in center for stuffing.
  • 6. With wrong sides together, add basting stitch across bottom and top of each rectangle. Pull thread to gather as tightly as possible. Stitch across gathers with 1/2" seam allowance to secure. Turn right side out.
  • 7. Stuff pumpkin with fiberfill until firm. Hand sew opening closed.
  • 8. Cut 24" jute twine length and thread through large-eye needle. Beginning at top of pumpkin, push needle straight down and pull through, leaving 12" tail. Thread twine straight back up, moving over slightly to avoid first hole. Tie twine ends together tightly to secure shape. Continue to thread twine with needle around pumpkin and back down center, dividing shape and creating sections. Tie off securely at top and leave ends of twine to hang free. (Note: If you run out of twine, thread another piece, tying it off in center before continuing to make sections.)
  • 9. Hand sew velvet stem on center top of pumpkin.
  • 10. On clean work surface, roll White ultralight clay to 1/4" thickness. Use knife to cut out leaf shapes. Use toothpick to make hole on end of each leaf and score vein lines down center of leaves. Position leaves on parchment-lined baking sheet. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake leaves in oven. Let cool completely.
  • 11. On covered work surface, use 1" glaze/wash to paint both sides of leaves Wasabi Green. Let dry. Use #4 shader to drybrush leaves Foliage Green adding color to center and blending outward to tips. Let dry. Use #1 round to feather Hauser Medium Green down center of veins. Let dry. Apply two coats of satin varnish on leaves, letting each coat dry between. Let dry.
  • 12. Thread twine on stems through hole on leaf and tie off with knot. Curl twine around pencil or paintbrush handle.