Ruffles and Ribbons Tree Skirt

By  April Moffatt 

size: 44" diameter

  • Ruffles and Ribbons Tree Skirt
  • Laying Flat


  • Natural muslin, 1-1/2 yds.
  • Coordinating-print fabric, four 1/4 yd. strips
  • Kreinik Iron-on Thread 1/8” ribbon, one spool each: Hosta, Sky Blue
  • White jumbo rick rack


  • Sewing machine

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, thread, iron, tape measure
  • 1. Press muslin. Cut 44"x44" natural muslin square. Fold square in half, in half again, in half again, and then in half again. With tape measure, measure from center to outer uneven edges and mark with pins at 44". Mark several spots with pins making sure to measure each time. Trim outer edges, curving slightly, so scissors cut follows pin marks. (Note: This will give your tree skirt the curve all the way around.) Measure 2" at top center and cut curve.
  • 2. Fold circle in half and press crease from center to outer edge. Cut along press mark to create opening for tree skirt. Press under and stitch as follows: raw edges of opening; center circle; outer edges of circle. Pin white rick rack on inner circle edge and outer circle edge. Sew rick rack along edges. Press tree skirt.
  • 3. Make ruffles by first tearing all coordinating fabric into 2" strips. Pull off several threads from each edge. Ruffle each strip by basting down along center of each strip. Pull bottom thread of basting stitch gently and work ruffle evenly down each strip.
  • 4. Pin ruffles to skirt. For first ruffle, measure 1" in from outer edge. Pin ruffle, overlapping new ruffle slightly for continuous look, and stitch down center. Remove baste stitch. Measure 1" again and repeat process with next ruffle. Continue repeating for all four ruffles. Trim all threads.
  • 5. Iron on Hosta ribbon 1/2" from outer edge. Iron on Sky Blue ribbon 1/2" from top ruffle. Press skirt.