Ring Bearer Pillow

By  April Moffatt 

size: 10" square

  • Ring Bearer Pillow


  • Cream fabric, two 10" squares
  • Offray Silver Organza Ribbon, 2-1/2"-wide, 1 yd.
  • Offray White Spool O' Ribbon, 1/8"-wide, 1-1/4 yd.
  • Large fabric flower
  • M&J Trimming Rhinestone Bijou Button (19846)


  • Sewing machine and coordinating-color thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat with straight edge
  • All-purpose fiberfill stuffing

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, measuring tape or ruler, marking pen
  • Note
  • 1. All seams are 1/4".
  • Pillow
  • 1. Measure and cut two 10"x10" squares from cream fabric. Use rotary cutter, mat, and straight edge for ease in cutting. With marking pen or chalk, mark 5" from corner on selvage. Repeat on other side.
  • 2. Measure and cut two 10" lengths of silver ribbon. Pin silver ribbon on right side of cream fabric square, finding center mark. Baste stitch ribbon on cream fabric square, keeping ribbon smooth and straight.
  • 3. With right sides together, pin cream fabric squares together, matching edges and aligning ribbon lengths. Sew along edges, leaving 3" opening along bottom of pillow seam. Clip corners and turn right side out.
  • 4. Carefully disassemble fabric flower. Remove plastic center pieces, leaving only individual flower petals. Position flower on center top of cream fabric squares. (Note: The flower should be on top of center of silver ribbon and cream fabric.) Holding flower, position rhinestone button in center of flower. Using needle and coordinating-color thread, secure button through all flower layers and through seam opening. Tie off button securely.
  • 5. Stuff pillow with fiberfill stuffing until firm. Hand stitch opening closed, folding raw edges under using tiny stitches.
  • 6. Measure 1-1/4" yd. of 1/8" white ribbon on work surface. Fold ribbon length in half and then in half again. Hand stitch end of ribbon, through all loops, to base of flower and cream fabric square. Cut looped end of ribbons at angle.