Posh Grommetted Pillow Wrap

for  JoAnn Fabrics & Craft Stores

size: 16"x16"

  • Posh Grommetted Pillow Wrap


  • Bottomweight fabric in color that contrasts with pillow, 1/2 yd.
  • Organza, 1/4 yd.
  • Curtain grommets
  • Pillow, 16”x16”
  • Long-stemmed silk flower


  • Water-erasable marking pen
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and pressing board
  • 1. Measure pillow top (sample is 16") and use that measurement to cut bottomweight fabric by the width of the fabric (sample is 16"x60"). Cut the length of the rectangle double the pillow measurement plus 4" (sample is 36").
  • 2. Fold fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew the three sides leaving an opening on one short end for turning.
  • 3. Turn, press and topstitch opening closed.
  • 4. Following the manufacturer's directions in the grommet package, mark the circles for four or five grommets along the non-topstitched end of the fabric. Install the grommets.
  • 5. Place wrap around pillow with the grommeted end on top overlapping the other end. Using the marking pen, draw the grommet inside circles on the back fabric.
  • 6. Tear the organza in two or three strips, 2"-wide by the entire width of the organza, then cut each in half. Fold each short strip in half and place the fold on the topstitch edge of the back fabric, draping over the circles marked on the fabric. Sew the folded edges down near the topstitching and sew across marked circle edge to neatly secure organza.
  • 7. Place wrap on pillow and pull up a small loop of organza through each of the grommets, enough to feed the flower stem down through. Place the stem in the loops and pull the loose organza tails to tighten the loops. Trim organza strips to desired length.