Patchwork Needle-Felted Flower Tote

By  Rebekah Meier 

size: 13-1/2"x15" (without handles)

  • Patchwork Needle-Felted Flower Tote


  • Wool, four 7”x10-1/2” rectangles
  • Wool felt rectangles: two 14”x16”, two 2”x23” (straps); three 5” squares (flowers)
  • Wool roving, small amount
  • Yarn, 1 yd.: in two coordinating colors
  • Cotton fabric, two 14”x16-1/2” rectangles (for lining)


  • Sewing machine
  • Clover Needle Felting Tool
  • Upholstery foam, scrap

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, iron, straight pins, needle and thread

Pattern - Patchwork Needle-felted Flower Tote

  • Note
  • 1. Use 1/4" seam allowance throughout.
  • Bag
  • 1. Before beginning, wet two 14"x16" wool felt rectangles in water and let air dry, creating bubbly texture.
  • 2. With right sides facing, machine stitch two 7" wool rectangles together. Using wool setting, press seams open.
  • 3. Machine stitch one 14" wool felt rectangle to bottom of wool from Step 2. Repeat with remaining wool and felt pieces, creating two patchwork panels.
  • 4. Fold 23" wool felt strip in half; finger press. Machine stitch 1/4" from raw edge. Trim seam allowance and turn right side out. Repeat with remaining strip.
  • 5. Center and pin straps, 4" apart, to inside of tote.
  • 6. Machine stitch cotton panels together on three sides, leaving 3" opening on one side of lining to turn inside out. Turn lining right side out.
  • 7. With right sides facing, machine stitch wool panels together, creating outside of tote.
  • 8. With right sides facing, insert lining inside of wool patchwork tote. Pin in place. Machine stitch around top of tote. Trim seam allowance and turn tote inside out through 3" opening on lining. Use needle and thread to slip stitch opening closed.
  • 9. Print out full-size patterns. Cut three flowers from wool felt. Center flowers on outside of tote. Use needle felting tool or needle to attach flowers. Needle felt roving and yarn to center and edges of each flower.
  • Tip
  • 1. To needle felt, place foam scrap inside of tote. Center flowers and punch barbed needles into fabric. The sharp barbed needles will connect fibers, securing fabrics together, without sewing or any need for adhesive. Repeat steps when needle felting yarn and roving to centers and edges of flowers.