Needle Felted Snowmen Faces

for  Decadent Fibers

  • Needle Felted Snowmen


  • Decadent Fibers Hand-dyed Wool Roving
  • Decadent Fibers Decadent Foam, 2”x8”x10”
  • Sparkling snow
  • Hanger of choice


  • Decadent Fibers Felting Needles, two
  • Decadent Fibers Decadent Foam, 2”x8”x10”
  • Spray adhesive
  • 1. To shape the face, draw any size round circle Decadent Foam. Pull off small wisps of fiber; hold the fiber with your thumbs and first two fingers using both hands, quickly, but gently, tug in opposite directions so the fibers will easily pull apart. Lay these wisps thinly over your pattern shape at right angles to each other, building layers. Do not lay down thick layers of fiber; many thin wisps will needle felt easier. Go easy, you can always add more fibers at any time.
  • 2. Needle felt snowman face by plunging felting needle into the fibers on Decadent Foam. The barbs on the needle will grab the fibers, entangling and entwining them. Continue jabbing up and down, in a quick, fast motion. The point of the needle only needs to pierce though the fiber and barely into the foam as you felt. Once snowman face shape holds together, flip it over and needle felt the back. Remember where you plunge the point of the needle is where the fibers felt. Either felt your snowman's face firm or leave it loose and puffy.
  • 3. Add eyes, mouth and carrot nose. To needle felt the eyes, use a small amount of colored wool roving, swirl it around needle before poking it into eye area. If snowman's face is soft and puffy, use more fiber for the embellishments so they stand out. Take a small amount of orange fiber for the nose and roll densely into a cone shape on your Decadent Foam. Needle felt carrot until firm, leaving some loose fiber at the end. Attach these loose fibers to the snowman's face with felting needle. Otherwise, needle felt your nose flat on the snowman's face. Make a hat and attach to snowman, if desired. Make various facial expressions and nice rosy cheeks as desired. Glue desired hanger to snowman. Apply spray adhesive to snowman and sprinkle with sparking snow.