Needle Felted Snowman With Ear Muffs

By  Debra Quartermain 

size: 11" tall

  • Needle Felted Snowman


  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam items (Dow): Cone, 9” tall; Balls: 1-1/2”, three; 2-1/2”, one
  • Pink Wool Wisps (National Nonwovens): Natural; Blue Tulip; Pink
  • Striped fleece, 3”x18”
  • Bamboo batt, 1/3 yd.
  • White chenille stems, two
  • Black beads, 8mm, two
  • Buttons: pink: 3/4”; 3/8”, two; teal, 3/8”
  • Perle cotton: ivory; teal
  • Pink chalk or cosmetic blush and cotton-tip swab
  • Round toothpicks, three


  • Needle felt pen tool
  • Crystal glitter glue
  • Sewing needle and matching thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Knife
  • Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Optional: Sewing machine and matching thread

Pattern - Needle Felted Snowman

  • 1. Cut 1" from narrow end of cone. Cut one 1-1/2" ball in half for ear muffs. Flatten opposite sides of two 1-1/2" balls for mittens.
  • 2. Lay bamboo batt piece flat. Place cone flat on batt at one end with batt extending 2" beyond wide end of cone. Roll cone along batt covering cone. Cut batt leaving 1/2" overlap along cone.
  • 3. Trim batt even with narrow end of cone. Glue overlap of batt along cone.
  • 4. Use needle and thread to baste around batt on wide end of cone. Pull stitches tight around bottom of cone. Secure thread.
  • 5. Cover mitten balls with blue tulip wool. Needle felt wool in place.
  • 6. Use fingers to indent end of mitten ball for thumb. Glue pink buttons to center of mittens.
  • 7. Fold chenille stems in half and twist for arms. Insert ends into mittens 1/2" and glue. Insert opposite end of chenille stems 1" from top of cone on opposite sides.
  • 8. Print out pattern. Refer to diagram for coat and cut two on fold.
  • 9. Align both pieces of coat right sides together. Sew or glue at shoulder seams leaving 1-1/2" at center open.
  • 10. Sew or glue side seams. Clip corners. Turn.
  • 11. Pull a 1" by 9" strip of natural wool. Glue to center front of coat.
  • 12. Pull a 1" by 18" piece of blue tulip wool. Glue around bottom edge of coat.
  • 13. Place coat over body. Pull arms through sleeves. Glue coat opening to top edge of cone.
  • 14. Cover large ball with natural wool. Needle felt. Make a small 1/2" ball for nose. Needle felt to center of face.
  • 15. Insert beads into face gluing in place. Push gently to indent.
  • 16. Place 1" strip of pink under the nose. Needle felt into slight oval shape.
  • 17. Blush cheeks.
  • 18. Cover half balls with pink wool. Needle felt.
  • 19. Place piece of teal perle cotton over top of head from one side to another. Cut.
  • 20. Insert toothpicks into pink earmuffs. Glue to sides of head covering cotton ends.
  • 21. Insert toothpick into bottom of head. Insert opposite end into top of cone. Glue in place.
  • 22. Fringe fleece piece 1" on opposite short ends. Fold in half and tie around neck.
  • 23. Glue buttons to front of coat. Glitter mitten and coat buttons.