Needle Felted Pumpkins

By  Heidi Boyd 

size: 5"

  • Needle Felted Pumpkins


  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam Balls (Dow), 5”
  • Wool Wisp Wool Roving (National Nonwovens): Yellow; Light Yellow; Orange; Green; Black; Brown


  • Needle felting tool (Clover Manufacturing)
  • Individual felting needle
  • Rigid foam insulation board or felting mat
  • Dish soap
  • 1. Use fingertips to spread yellow roving into a thin layer then wrap around STYROFOAM ball. Use needle-felting tool to felt yellow roving into STYROFOAM to compress it and create a smooth surface. Use tool to repeatedly depress the center top and bottom to compress STYROFOAM and alter the spherical ball shape.
  • 2. Use same technique to spread out the orange layer. This time wrap the strips top to bottom over the yellow to imitate how a "real" pumpkin grows with deeper orange in the crevices and lighter yellow and orange in between. Use pen style tool to imbed strong orange lines. Switch to five-needle tool to felt lighter areas.
  • 3. Select side for face and needle felt 3" light yellow eyes (round or triangular shaped), 1/2" round nose and a 3"-long smiling mouth directly over other colors. Continue adding and felting more light yellow roving until features are completely opaque. Tinge center of eyes and mouth with several strands of bright yellow.
  • 4. Separate a thin strand of black roving and a single felting needle to outline both eyes and mouth. Pull out two more strands and use sing needle again to form them into expressive arched eyebrows over eyes. Roll two pea-sized balls of black roving and felt them to center of eyes.
  • 5. Working over a foam matt or insulating board, lay green roving into a circle. Use five-needle tool to compress roving together to make a leaf shape, fold in and felt edges/side leaving three distinct rounded points. Roll two thin strands of brown roving and use pen style tool to needle felt them directly to center of leaf.
  • 6. Tightly roll a generous strand of brown roving into a 1-1/2"-long stem, and needle felt directly into the impression at center top of pumpkin. Needle felt top of finished leaf adjacent to the stem.
  • 7. Pull apart a long strand of green roving, moisten, add a drop of dish soap, then rub it between your fingers. The fibers will contract with the friction and form a "rope", wrap the damp strand around the base of the stem and then spiral it around your finger. Let it dry undisturbed in this position.