Needle-felted Bounty of Pumpkins and Corn

for  Decadent Fibers

size: varies

  • Needle-felted Bounty of Pumpkins and Corn


  • Decadent Fibers Hand-Dyed Wool Roving and Custom-Dyed Yarn
  • Decadent Fibers White Core Fiber


  • Decadent Fibers Felting Needles, two
  • Decadent Fibers Foam
  • 1. Position foam pad on lap. Fold 8" square of white core fiber in half and needle felt edges together, creating shape of ear of corn.
  • 2. Tightly wrap core fiber around shape, starting at top and needle felting towards bottom. Wrap more core fiber at top and fewer times at the bottom, creating corn cone shape. (Note: The core fiber corn shape will be canvas to needle felt on, so shape does not have to be perfect.)
  • 3. For kernels, cut 12" length of yarn and needle felt it onto top of corn shape. Loop 1/4" square "kernel" of yarn and needle felt base down into corn shape. Continue looping and needle felting 1/4" squares of yarn, creating colorful kernels. Continue needle felting first row down length of corn shape towards bottom; turn yarn back up and needle felt kernels, creating second row. Create rows of kernels going up and down length of corn shape until covered. (Note: Top end of corn shape should have needle-felted kernels in continuous circle.)
  • 4. For leaves, create three long narrow husk shapes (for each corn shape) from white core fiber. Blend wool roving colors together by pulling pieces of roving and laying them horizontally along length of leaf. Add thin wisps of additional wool roving colors vertically on leaf. Needle felt using short brisk jabs. Turn leaf over and needle felt back. Continue in this manner, adding more fiber. When leaf is thick enough, create veins by felting string-like lengths of wool roving down length of leaf. Needle felt leaves together on one end and then attach onto top of corn shape.
  • 5. For pumpkins, wrap white core fiber into 3"-6" pumpkin shape. Wrap fiber, needle felting around shape, creating firm pumpkin form.
  • 6. Mark center of pumpkin (for stem) and position wool roving over core fiber pumpkin shape. Begin needle felting by jabbing, using felting needle in straight motion. Continue needle felting edges of each segment, adding additional orange segments around pumpkin, overlapping and blending around. Use fairly deep jabs to ensure segments are curved and contoured.
  • 7. Continue to needle felt until pumpkin is of desired shape and firmness. Pull small amounts of dark orange and light orange wool roving and position on pumpkin. Needle felt small pieces on pumpkin, creating shading for life-like appearance.
  • 8. For pumpkin stem, blend brown and green wool roving colors together, rolling them tightly on foam. Needle felt colors together, shaping stem. Attach stem onto top curved area on pumpkin, forming stem into desired length.