Halloween-Themed Table Setting

By  Miranda Kuykendall  for  iLoveToCreate

sizes: table runner, varies; placemat, 13"x20"; pumpkin flowers, varies

  • Halloween-Themed Table Setting
  • Flower Pumpkins


  • Fabric: black/white polka dot, varies; black fabric, 3/4 yd.; orange, 1/2 yd.
  • Felt: white, orange, yellow, lime, black
  • Wiggle eyes, four
  • Large orange silk flowers, three
  • Black pom-pom trim


  • Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, yardstick, pencil, fabric marker or chalk, iron with pressing cloth and pressing surface, painter’s tape, vase or flower pot

Pattern - Halloween-Themed Table Setting

  • 1. Delectable fun awaits in this all-purpose summertime dessert gift set.
  • 2. Cover sides of a plain gable box with patriotic paper (Robby by Melissa Frances), add a cool die-cut title (Breaking Free Oh So Very Hot by My Mind's Eye) and tickets (Patriotic TicketBook by Melissa Frances), and then embellish with grosgrain ribbon, red twine and a blue button.
  • 3. Embellish mini frosted plastic favor bags in similar fashion and fill with favorite sundae toppings; stamp titles on die-cut circles (Jillibean Soup).
  • 4. Don't forget a jar of caramel sauce! Element Red Classics Ribbon Collection by American Crafts; Solid Color Baker's Twine by Martha Stewart Crafts.
  • Table Runner
  • 1. Measure table and decide width and length needed for runner. Add 1½" to both measurements; cut from polka dot fabric.
  • 2. Fold in raw edge of fabric about 3/8"; iron flat.
  • 3. Double hem fold and iron flat again. Use thin line of fabric glue to adhere ironed hem. Press fabric together for a few seconds; let dry 5-10 minutes.
  • 4. Cut pom-pom trim lengths same-size as lengths of each side of runner. Adhere trim around edges, holding trim firmly for several seconds. Let dry.
  • Placemat
  • 1. Cut two 14"x21" black fabric panels. Fold 1/2" under on all sides of both pieces; press.
  • 2. Place panels atop each other with right sides facing out. Apply fabric glue to folded edges and press panels together. Secure with tape; remove tape when completely dry.
  • 3. Print out full-size patterns. Cut stem and pumpkin facial features from felt as indicated on patterns.
  • 4. For pumpkin, trace 6" circle on orange felt; cut out. Adhere to center of placemat. Adhere stem and facial features to pumpkin as shown.
  • 5. Cut ghosts from white felt as indicated on patterns. Position ghosts beside pumpkin as shown; adhere head and body only to placemat, leaving arms free. Adhere eyes to each ghost. Pull arms around to create loop holders; adhere together. Let dry.
  • 6. Place utensils inside looped holders. Use clear plate on placemat so pumpkin is visible.
  • Flower Pumpkins
  • 1. Freehand draw facial features for three friendly pumpkins, sized to fit flowers used. Transfer patterns on black felt; cut out.
  • 2. Position features on flowers, trimming away petals. Apply small dot of adhesive to each facial feature and press onto each flower. Hold for several seconds. Repeat until all three flowers are complete. Let dry. Arrange flowers in vase or flower pot.