Floral Apron

By  Denise Clason  for  Walnut Hollow

size: 14"x23" (not including straps)

  • Floral Apron
  • How To Attach
  • Cutting Chart


  • Fabrics: large floral print (main apron), 1/2 yd.; medium floral print (pockets and waistband), 1/4 yd.; coordinating print (ties), 1/8 yd.
  • All-Purpose Thread to match prints (Coats & Clark)


  • Creative Textile Tool (Walnut Hollow)
  • Air-soluble marker
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and pressing board
  • 1. Cut fabrics as follows:

    Cutting Chart
  • 2. Large Floral Print: 13-1/2"x37" rectangle
  • 3. Medium Floral Print: 7"x37" rectangle (pocket)
  • 4. 5"x26-1/4" strip (waistband)
  • 5. Coordinating Print: Two 4"x37" strips (straps)
  • 6. For pockets, Press a 1/4" hem along one of the 37" edges of the pocket fabric. Fold and press again at 1/2". Sew two topstitching lines to secure the hem in place.
  • 7. To attach the pockets, position bottom (raw edge) right side of pocket to wrong side of 37" edge of apron fabric. Sew a 1/4" seam. Press. Fold the pocket fabric up toward the front side of the apron fabric. Press seam. Pin edges and baste along the sides. Divide the width of the apron by six and mark with pins at the top hemmed edge of the pockets. Use air-soluble marker to draw five vertical lines for pocket dividers. Stitch along the lines, backstitching at the beginning and end. Press the apron sides in 1/4" and fold over to create a 1/2" hem. Topstitch along the edges.
  • 8. For ties, hem three sides of each tip piece, by pressing the edges in 1/4" and then another 1/4". Gather the unhemmed side to fit half of the width of the waistband (Photo 1). Pin the tip to the waistband. Fold over the backside of the waistband to cover tie with a 1/4" hem allowance. Sew the opening closed to secure the tie inside the waistband. Turn right side out.
  • 9. Turn the folded side over to incase the ties and pin to the gathered edge of the apron. Sew the folded side of the waistband to the apron with a slip stitch.
  • Note
  • 1. Read instructions before beginning project. Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout. Follow manufacturer's instructions to use Creative Textile Tool to iron areas, where needed.