Faux Leather Bag

By  April Moffatt 

size: 18"x20"

  • Faux Leather Bag
  • Bag being held
  • Fig. 1


  • Faux leather, 1/2 yd.
  • National Nonwovens Mustard Seed WoolFelt, 1/2 yd.
  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey Clay: Jungle, Green; Translucent Accents
  • Oval wooden purse handles, two
  • Gold chain, lengths: large loop, 16”; small chain, 12”
  • Gold o-ring


  • Sewing machine with matching thread
  • Clay-dedicated rolling pin, parchment-lined baking sheet, oven
  • DecoArt Americana Duraclear Satin Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, craft knife, emery board, safety pins, straight pins, toothpick, pencil, sewing needle
  • 1. Condition clay in hands until soft and pliable. Mix (15:1:1) mixture of Translucent + Jungle + Green clays. Roll to 1/8" thickness; cut out 1-1/2" circle using craft knife. Smooth edges with fingers. Poke hole into top center of circle, 1/4" from edge, using toothpick. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake clay circle on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool. Apply varnish. Let dry completely; set aside.
  • 2. Cut two 5"x6" handle panels and two 18"x22" purse panels from both faux leather and Mustard Seed felt.
  • 3. Match one set of leather and felt handle panels with right sides together. Machine-sew along 6" sides with 1/2" seam allowance; turn right side out. Topstitch down both seamed sides with 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat with other handle set. Wrap one handle set, with leather side out, through wooden handles. Match raw edges at bottom; pin in place. Baste stitch along bottom edge with 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat with second handle; set aside.
  • 4. Position purse panels with right sides together. Machine-sew along 18" sides with 1/2" seam allowance; turn right side out. Topstitch down both sides of seams with 1/4" seam allowance. Return to inside out position. Shift stitched seams to center of bag; position purse flat with seams on top of each other. Pin bottom edge matching raw edges. Machine-sew bottom edge with 1/2" seam allowance.
  • 5. Make gusset by flattening corner into triangle. See Figure 1. From triangle point; measure down 3" and mark.

    Fig. 1
  • 6. Repeat Step 4 with felt purse panels, leaving 5" opening in bottom seam for turning. (Note: For gusseted lining corners, repeat Step 5 as well.)
  • 7. Slide faux leather purse inside felt purse with right sides together; aligning seams to match. Pin raw edges of tops together. Slide handle panels between purse layers, matching raw edge of handle to raw top edge of purse, centering handles on seam. Pin in place.
  • 8. Machine-sew along raw edges, taking 1/2" seam allowance. Pull purse right side out through opening from Step 6. Push lining down inside purse; smooth top seam. Topstitch top edges with 1/2" seam allowance.
  • 9. On front of tote, measure 5" from center seam to both sides and mark inside purse top. Hand-sew each end of large loop chain to purse at marks, 1/2" down from top edge of purse. Attach small chain to clay medallion; hand-sew chain end to same point of larger chain.