Decadent Sunflower Bouquet

for  Decadent Fibers

size: varies

  • Decadent Sunflower Bouquet


  • Decadent Fibers Hand-Dyed Wool Roving and Custom-Dyed Yarn
  • Floral wire


  • Decadent Fibers Felting Needles
  • Decadent Fibers Foam, 2”x8”x10”
  • 1. To create flower petals, pull off small wisps of fiber and place them on foam base. Begin jabbing fibers, up and down, forming petal shape. (Note: Make sure you pick up petal and turn as you shape, needle-felting both sides.) Continue to create petals for each sunflower.
  • 2. To attach stem, form petals together at center, one or two at a time, by jabbing and needle-felting them together. Continue around center until all petals are needle-felted together. Add flower center onto back of joined petals, creating two-sided flower, leaving 1" open on back of flower (to insert stem).
  • 3. To finish flower center, pull off small wisps of dark wool and place on foam base. Begin jabbing fibers, turn and shape center, creating firm mound. Fill sunflower with "seeds" by looping yarn and jabbing into dark wool. Continue adding various yarns until flower center is full.
  • 4. Attach flowers onto ends of floral wire. Wrap floral wire with yarn in dark or green color.