Decadent Sugared Eggs

By  Christine Moran  for  Decadent Fibers

size: 8"

  • Decadent Sugared Eggs


  • Decadent Fibers Custom Hand-Dyed Wool Roving, in colors of choice
  • Core fiber
  • White yarn


  • Upholstery foam, 4" square (for work area)
  • Adhesive-spray glue
  • Felting needles
  • Needle felting tool, 6 or 12
  • Glossary of Terms
  • 1. Core fiber: white fiber used to create egg shape and inner core
  • 2. Roving: wool fibers in a continuous strand, custom-dyed or natural
  • 3. Felting needle: very thin barbed needle
  • Eggs
  • 1. To create egg form, unravel one core fiber ball. Roll 8" egg shape with core fiber, rolling more times around center and less times around ends. Shape ends firmly. Working over upholstery foam, use 6 or 12 needle tool to roll, needle, roll, needle egg shape. Continue using needle tool until dense egg is felted.
  • 2. To cover eggs, pull small pieces of Blue or Orchid wool roving fibers and position on egg. Continue needle-felting with short jabs until egg is completely covered.
  • 3. For flower stems, cut white yarn stems. For flowers, pull White roving fibers. Roll White fibers into small balls. Needle felt stems and balls (flower blooms) onto eggs. For leaves, pull Green roving fibers. Needle felt leaves onto eggs, leaving edges free for dimensional look.
  • 4. For ribbon, wrap long white yarn strand or needle-felt green wool roving strand around egg. Tie ends, creating bow. Needle felt down edges of ribbon shapes, leaving edges free for dimensional look.