Creamy Cupcake Quilt

By  Candice Case 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this adorable cupcake wall hanging. Use the techniques listed in this project to add soft, fluffy texture to your yummy creation.

  • Creamy Cupcake Quilt
  • Cutting Diagram


  • Cotton prints: cream, 1/2 yd.; brown, 1/4 yd.; pink, 1/2 yd., brown print, 1/2 yd.; coordinating (backing), slightly more than 1/2 yd.


  • The Warm Co. Warm & White Needled Cotton Batting
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Chenille brush
  • Sewing needle and matching thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Iron and pressing board

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, straight pins, ruler

Pattern - Creamy Cupcake Quilt

  • Size
  • 1. Size is 18"x34".
  • Note
  • 1. Use a 1/2" seam allowance throughout unless otherwise indicated, pinning and pressing as needed.
  • Creamy Cupcake Quilt
  • 1. Print out pattern. From cream fabric, cut two 3"x27"strips, four 3"x7" strips, two 1-1/2"x19" strips (binding), and two 1-1/2"x35" strips (binding). From brown print fabric, cut two 4"x34" strips, two 4"x18" strips, and three cupcake bases. From brown fabric, cut one 7" square and eight cupcake tops. From pink fabric, cut two 7" squares, four cupcake tops, and one 12"x26" rectangle (bias border) (Note: For cupcake tops, place template on bias when cutting.)
  • 2. Sew: shorter cream strips to pink squares on opposite sides; brown square between bordered pink squares; longer cream strips to bottom and top of pink and brown square strip.
  • 3. Take cupcake bases, turn back and press all but top edge; topstitch in place on each square. Pin four brown cupcake tops together, right sides facing up. Pin in place, overlapping top raw edge of cupcake base in pink square by 1/2". Topstitch in place with line down center. Repeat sewing on cupcake top at 1/2" intervals. Use small scissors to cut only top three layers between sewn lines. Repeat with pink and brown squares with pink cupcake tops. Use chenille brush to fray cut cupcake edges without damaging surrounding fabric.
  • 4. Sew longer brown print strips to top and bottom of quilt, and remaining brown print strips to sides.
  • 5. With the pink 12"x26" rectangle, cut continuous bias. Lay fabric face up on cutting mat. Place ruler in top left corner and 12" from bottom left corner. Cut along 45° line. Sew triangle to other end of rectangle with a 1/4" seam and press open. Draw lines every 3/4". Fold tube in half joining points marked with *, sew with a 1/4" seam allowance; press. When finished, bias cut six 10" pieces and six 26" pieces. Create four piles, each with three strips of the same length bias, all right side up. Place one pile of three 10" strips on one vertical seam between the cream and brown print border, repeat with remaining 10" bias. Sew in place down middle of bias strips. Repeat with 26" bias strips sewing in place along horizontal cream/brown print border.
  • 6. Cut piece from batting and backing that are the same size as quilt top. Lay quilt on batting and backing. Quilt around squares and on stitching of bias strips, if desired. Quilting is optional when using batting because it does not require stitching to hold it together. Bind quilt with 1-1/2"-wide strips of cream fabric.
  • 7. Use chenille brush to fray edges without damaging quilt.