Bunny Garden Pillow

By  Mary Ayres 

Decorate your porch or garden furniture with this adorable, easy-to-stitch bunny pillow.

  • Bunny Garden Pillow


  • Pillow form, 14” square
  • Cotton fabrics: tan stripe or print, 1/2 yd.; tan solid, 3/8 yd.
  • The Warm Company Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting, 9-1/2” square
  • Dark brown jumbo rickrack, 2 yds.
  • Dark brown embroidery floss; matching thread.
  • Off-white flat buttons, 5/8”, four


  • Sewing machine
  • Needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, transfer paper

Pattern - Bunny Garden Pillow

  • 1. Cut two 9-1/2" squares from solid fabric and two 14-1/2" squares from stripe/print fabric. Print out pattern and transfer design to one solid square.
  • 2. Using one strand of floss, make French knot eyes and buttons. (Note: Wrap floss around needle four times for each knot.) Stem stitch remaining details.
  • 3. Baste batting to back of embroidered square. Beginning and ending in one corner, sew rickrack around square, 1/4" from edge. Sew solid fabric squares together with right sides facing along rickrack stitching, leaving 5" opening along one edge for turning. Trim corners; turn right side out. Hand sew opening closed.
  • 4. Center assembled square on one stripe/print square. Use floss to sew buttons to corners of embroidered square, sewing through all layers. Beginning and ending in one corner, sew rickrack pillow front, 1/4" from edge. Sew stripe/print squares together along rickrack stitching, leaving a 12" opening along bottom edge. Trim corners; turn right side out. Insert pillow form; hand sew closed.