Gift Boutique: Pretty Petite Purse

By  Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil 

size: varies

  • Pretty Petite Purse
  • Closeup View of Stitching On Inside


  • Cotton fabrics: floral, 1/4 yd.; polka dot, 1/4 yd.
  • Fusible Interfacing (Pellon), 1/4 yd.
  • Red patterned ribbon, 7/8", 60" length
  • Gold rings, 1-1/4", two
  • Gold ornate button with shank, 1-1/2"
  • Sew-on snap, 1/2"


  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Iron and pressing board
  • Pressing cloth

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pins
  • 1. Place the rough side of the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the floral fabric, cover with a damp pressing cloth and steam the pieces together for 15 seconds.
  • 2. Cut two 7-1/2"x7-3/4" rectangles from the floral fabric and two from the polka dot fabric. Cut the 7-1/2" sides of each rectangle so they angle inward and the top of the rectangle measures 6" and the bottom measures 7-3/4".
  • 3. Cut a curve into the top edge (6" side) of each piece of fabric so the center of the arc is 1" below the top. (Cut one to use as a pattern so all the curves match.)
  • 4. Place a floral and a polka dot piece right sides together. Machine sew just the curved edge using a straight stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat for the other pieces of fabric.
  • 5. Open the two pieces of fabric and place together, right sides facing, making sure the floral fabric faces the floral fabric and the polka dot faces the polka dot. Pin all the way around the edges. Machine sew the pieces together using a straight stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 2" opening in the side of the polka dot fabric for turning.
  • 6. Create "boxed corners" by pulling the fabric at one corner apart and creating a triangle with the seam line down the center. Measure 1" from the point of the triangle along the seam line and mark a straight line perpendicular to the seam. Machine stitch along this straight line. Repeat for all four corners.
  • 7. Turn the piece right side out. Hand sew the opening closed. Stuff the polka dot end inside the floral end to form the purse lining.
  • 8. Cut the red ribbon into two 23" lengths and machine sew together with the good sides facing out. Then cut and sew two 11" lengths of ribbon together in the same way. Center the longer ribbon on the bottom of the purse and pin it to the bottom and sides. Hand sew the ribbon into place being careful not to sew into the lining.
  • 9. Fold the end of the ribbon over 1/8" and feed it through one of the gold rings toward the inside of the purse. Pin the folded end of the ribbon to itself below the ring. Machine stitch to secure. Repeat for the other side. Attach the 11" ribbon handle to the gold rings in the same way.
  • 10. Sew the snap to the inside of the purse 1/2" from the top edge, being careful not to sew through to the outside fabric. Sew the glitzy button to the outside front of the purse over the snap.