Pilgrim Chair Covers

By  Cindy LaHue 

size: 23-1/2"x21-1/2"

  • Pilgrim Chair Covers
  • Pilgrim Chair Covers


  • Cotton fabric, 1-1/4 yds. each: yellow print, white
  • Felt, 9”x12”, two each: antique white, goldenrod, white; walnut brown, one; green, scraps
  • Black felt, 1-1/4 yds.
  • DMC Pearl Cotton #5: white, black


  • Sewing machine and thread
  • The Warm Co. Heat n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive, 1-1/4 yds.
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat

Basic Supplies

  • measure tape, ruler, pencil, scissors, straight pins, pinking shears (optional), iron and ironing board, embroidery needle

Pattern - Pilgrim Chair Covers

  • 1. Determine chair cover size. Measure width of chair at widest point making sure to wrap measuring tape half-way on each side to accommodate thickness of chair sides. Measure height of chair from seat to half-way across top to accommodate thickness of chair top. Add 1" to width and height for seam allowances.
  • 2. Cut four panels each of yellow and white fabric according to chair measurements.
  • 3. Print out patterns. (Note: Adjust size of patterns as needed to fit chair back panel.)
  • 4. Trace patterns on paper side of iron-on adhesive. Trace two each: body, pumpkin, stem, collar. Trace one each: girl hair, left and right sides of boy hair, girl and boy faces, girl bonnet and brim, boy hat and brim, buckle. Trace four hands.
  • 5. Follow manufacturer's instructions to iron felt as follows onto iron-on adhesive pieces: antique white onto hands and faces; goldenrod onto pumpkins; white onto bonnet, girl hat brim, collars, buckle; walnut brown onto hair; black onto bodies, hat, boy hat brim; green onto pumpkin stems.
  • 6. Cut out felt pieces; peel off paper backing. Position each pattern piece on yellow fabric panel in following order: body, stem, pumpkin, hands, collar, face, hair, bonnet or hat, buckle, and brim. Iron in place.
  • 7. Use white pearl cotton and blanket stitch to sew around bodies. Use black pearl cotton and blanket stitch to sew around other pattern pieces.
  • 8. Layer four fabric panels as follows: right-side down white, right-side up pilgrim, right-side down yellow, and right-side up white. Pin together and machine sew 1/2" seam around sides and top. Clip corners. To prevent fraying, machine sew zigzag stitch around seams or clip with pinking shears. Turn right side out.
  • 9. Fold in yellow and white bottom edges 1/2"; iron to press. Machine topstitch 1/4" around edges.