Patchwork Wool Bag

By  Rebekah Meier 

size: 13"x16" (without handles)

  • Patchwork Wool Bag


  • Wool felt, 14”x6”, two
  • Wool felt (handles), 2”x16”, two
  • Wool, 7”x12”, four
  • Wool patches, in coordinating prints
  • Cotton fabric (for lining), 14”x18”, two
  • Embroidery floss
  • Button
  • Felt balls, three


  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Embroidery needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, pencil, straight pins
  • Note
  • 1. Use 1/4" seam allowance for all seams.
  • Bag
  • 1. Overlap edges (approximately 1/8") on one set of 7"x12" wool pieces; pin in place. Machine zig-zag stitch along edges to sew together, creating one 14"x12" panel. Repeat for remaining set of 7"x12" wool pieces.
  • 2. With right sides facing (on panels created in Step 1), machine stitch one 14" wool felt piece to bottom edge of one wool panel piece created in Step 1. Repeat with remaining panel.
  • 3. For patches, cut from various wool: two 3-1/2"x4"; one each 5"x7", 5"x8", 9"x3", 2"x7". Refer to photo to machine zig-zag stitch patches to front and back of each panel.
  • 4. Using embroidery floss, embroider swirl, straight stitches, and X's as desired.
  • 5. Sew button and felt balls onto patches.
  • 6. Fold each wool felt handle piece in half; finger press. Machine stitch 1/4" from raw edge. Trim seam allowance and turn right side out. Positioning handles downward, center and pin one handle to each panel, approximately 4" apart.
  • 7. With right sides facing, machine stitch cotton fabric pieces together on three sides, leaving 3" opening on one side of lining to turn right side out. Turn right side out.
  • 8. With right sides facing, machine stitch wool panels together on three sides, creating outside of bag. (Note: Side with handles should not be sewn.)