Glove Doll

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 7"

  • Glove Doll


  • Green glove
  • Holiday sock (with fur top)
  • Red fleece
  • Lara’s Crafts Wooden Doll Head (with hole in bottom), 1-1/2”
  • Dowel, 3/16”-wide, 2” length
  • DMC Brown Craft Thread, 15mm
  • White pom-pom, 1”
  • Fiberfill stuffing, small amount


  • Sewing machine and white thread
  • DecoArt Americana Flesh Tone Acrylic Paint
  • Red chalk
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • fabric scissors, ruler, pencil, black marker, sewing needle, straight pins, cotton swab, white copy paper, paintbrush, newspaper (to cover work surface), cardboard scrap

Pattern - Glove Doll

  • 1. Print out patterns. Trace patterns onto white copy paper and cut out.
  • 2. Cut fingers and cuff from glove. Stuff four of fingers with fiberfill. (Note: The largest two fingers will be legs.) Machine stitch across open ends. Pin body pattern to main part of glove; cut through both layers. Pin arms and legs to right side of one body piece with raw edges even; sew in place. Pin right sides of body pieces together with arms and legs between the two pieces. (Note: Because of tight fit, it is easier to pin and stitch one side and bottom first, then pin and stitch second side.) Turn right side out. Stuff body with fiberfill, leaving top open. Use needle and thread to sew gathering stitches around opening.
  • 3. Insert dowel firmly into doll head. On covered work surface, paint doll head Flesh Tone. When dry, rub chalk onto cheeks using cotton swab and draw eyes and mouth with black marker. Insert dowel end into body; pull gathering stitches tightly. Knot ends; spot glue head onto top of body.
  • 4. Cut 3" from ankle of holiday sock (for dress). Cut 1-1/2" slit on both sides on opposite raw edges. Turn dress to wrong side. Cut one 2" length of holiday sock (for sleeves); cut in half. For each sleeve, fold lengthwise with wrong sides together. Stitch short sides together forming small circle for sleeve. With raw edges even, stitch sleeves onto dress slits. Turn dress right side out. With needle and thread, sew gathering stitches around neck edge of dress. Put dress on doll and pull gathering stitches tight. Knot ends.
  • 5. Trace four boots onto red fleece; cut out. For each boot, stitch two boots together and turn right side out. Fill boots with fiberfill. Hand sew boots onto leg with seam in front. Cut 1"x2" piece from foot section of holiday sock; stitch short sides together and roll into 1/2" ring shape. Position onto top of boot.
  • 6. For hair, wrap craft thread around 3" piece of cardboard 30 times. Slip thread off cardboard; tie 4" thread length around center. Adhere hair on top of head and trim thread lengths evenly. For hat, use cuff piece of glove and sew gathering stitches close to raw edge. Pull stitches tight and knot ends. Stuff top of hat with fiberfill and slip on head. Adhere in place. Adhere pom-pom on top of hat.
  • 7. For scarf, cut 1"x10" fleece strip. Cut small slits along short ends. Tie scarf around doll's neck.