Frankenstein Game

By  Christine Hardenbrook 

Played much like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, throwing eyeballs at Frankenstein will be a total blast at this year's Halloween Party!

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  • Felt: dark blue, 29”x37”; teal, 11”x17”; black 7”x10”; purple, 4”x14”; pea green, 10”x16”; yellow, 6”x12”
  • Wooden dowel rod, 5/8”x33”
  • Plastic foam balls, 1-1/2”, two
  • VELCRO Self-Adhesive Round Dots, 5/8”, 36
  • Black button, 1/2”, five
  • White string or yarn, 32”
  • Gold glitter paint


  • Black permanent fine-line marker

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencils, ruler

Pattern - Frankenstein Game

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Follow directions on patterns. For dowel sleeve, fold one short end of dark blue felt over 2" and adhere edge in place.
  • 2. To assemble Frankenstein, see photo. Center and adhere shirt to dark blue felt, so bottom edges are aligned. Adhere collars pieces to top of shirt. Adhere jacket pieces to dark blue felt at each side of shirt. Adhere face to center top of shirt. Adhere ears to each side of face as shown. Adhere nose to center of face, so bottom edge of nose measures 3" from bottom edge of face. Adhere hair to top of face. For eyebrows, mouth, and forehead stitches, cut thin strips of black felt and adhere to face as shown. To outline shirt and lapel, cut thin strips of black felt and adhere in place. Adhere buttons on shirt, spacing each evenly apart. Use marker to draw stitch lines along edges of face, ears, nose, jacket, and along inside edge of lapel.
  • 3. To finish banner, refer to photo. Randomly adhere stars to dark blue felt. Use glitter paint to outline edges of each star. For glitter "stars", randomly dot glitter paint onto dark blue felt as shown. Let dry.
  • 4. To make the eyes, separate two VELCRO dots; remove adhesive baking from one side of two dots and press to face where eyes should go. Press mates of remaining dots to balls (eyes), covering each eye completely.
  • 5. Insert dowel through dowel sleeve. For hanging loop, tie ends of string or yarn to each end of dowel.