Apple Sockweight

By  Pam Sicely 

size: 3"x5"

  • Apple Sockweight


  • Red kid’s sock
  • Dried rice, 1/2 cup
  • Polyester fiberfill, small amount
  • Felt scraps: brown, green
  • Plastic-coated wire: 1” length of black, 1-1/2” length of gold
  • Wiggle eyes, two
  • Green pom-poms: 1 large, 5 small
  • Brown chenille stem


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Writer: White
  • Craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, red marker, rubber band, measuring cup

Pattern - Apple Sockweight

  • 1. Fill bottom of red sock with 1/2 cup dried rice. Insert fiberfill stuffing in remaining area of sock; bind top of sock with rubber band. Cut off excess sock, leaving 1" for stem.
  • 2. Print and cut out patterns. On brown circle, cut along lines. Glue circle over top of stem. Measure and cut 1"x1-1/2" brown felt strip. Glue strip around stem.
  • 3. Glue leaf on stem. Wrap brown chenille stem around base of stem; twist ends together. Curl ends.
  • 4. For worm, glue small green pom-poms (body) and large green pom-pom (head) onto side of apple.
  • 5. For worm's glasses, measure and cut 1-1/2" gold wire length. Bend wire length into glasses; glue on worm's head. Glue wiggle eyes inside glasses.
  • 6. For worm's antennae, measure and cut 1" black wire length. Fold wire length in half; insert into top of head.
  • 7. Use red marker to add smile on worm. Use White writer to add lettering or saying on apple. Let dry.