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Enchanted Makeovers

Many women and children living in shelters are there to escape domestic violence, child abuse, sex trafficking, family addiction, post traumatic stress disorder, or other extremely challenging situations. A recent report by the National Center of Family Homelessness found that one in 45 children in the United States are homeless. This means 1.6 million children are facing a life without a stable environment. Children experiencing homelessness have high rates of chronic health problems and face stressful and traumatic experiences that affect their development and ability to learn. 

To battle these awful statistics, Terry Grahl founded Enchanted Makeovers (EM) in 2007 with hopes of empowering and educating women and children in shelters. Through various projects and programs, women and children are introduced to a new way of life. Terry and a team of creative volunteers have given multiple makeovers to shelters to provide women and children with a “sacred haven” to lift their spirits. Not only do they provide shelters with basic necessities, but they also focus on creating a healing environment. They host events to help broken spirits realize their inner beauty, provide journals and night stands for those who can’t fall asleep to write down their thoughts, and create Sacred Sewing Rooms in shelters to teach women sewing as not only a trade but as a coping skill. 

Among EM’s many ongoing projects is Capes for Kids with the slogan “Don’t wait for a superhero. Be one!” The goal is to teach children in shelters about courage, bravery, faith, hope, and happiness. Terry noticed a lack of programs in shelters that nurture the child from within and decided to give them something that would empower them – with a little help from their imagination. Capes for Kids helps kids feel like they have the strength and ability to create whatever they want for their lives. It’s not about having superman come save the day – it’s all about calling on their own strength from within! We’re calling all Craft Ideas readers to get involved by creating unique, handmade capes to remind children in shelters that they’re smart, strong, and brave, and that their voice matters. You can find cape patterns at

Finished capes should be sent to:

Enchanted Makeovers
12663 Hipp St.
Taylor, MI 48180