Bathroom Decor Mason Jars

By  Iris Weiss for Polyform Products 



Thin cardboard or mat board

Polyform Sculpey Soufflé Clay: Jade, Igloo, Mocha, Cowboy

Quart Mason jars, two 

Clear plastic report covers

Burlap strip

Pump for liquid soap 



Sculpey: General Shapes Clay Templates, Nature Texture Sheet, Acrylic Roller, 5-in-1 Clay Tool, Bake and Bond

Stampabilities Faded Text Background Rubber Stamp

Alphabet letter stamps 

Acrylic block

StazOn Timber Brown Ink Pad

Adhesive: tape runner, white craft adhesive

Always protect your workspace before beginning. Polymer clay may stain and damage unprotected surfaces.

1. Trace tag template and enlarge it 125% on computer and print. Cut out center of template using knife from 5-in-1 tool set so you have both small and large tag templates. 

2. Mix Igloo, Cowboy and Mocha Soufflé clay and roll out into 1/16” thick sheet. Stamp words “Aaah Choo!” and “Wash Up” using Timber Brown ink. Make sure to stamp them far enough apart to create two labels. 

3. Cut out each tag using small tag template with knife and set aside. 

4. Roll out sheet of Cowboy clay. Lightly mist Nature Texture Sheet with water and press into clay. Cut out two brown tags using large tag template. Place small amount of Sculpey Bake and Bond onto back of stamped tag and adhere to top of Cowboy tag; set aside.

5. Roll out sheet of Jade clay and stamp with Faded Text Background Rubber Stamp. Cut out two birds using clay template. Place bird on tag as shown using Bake and Bond. Bake tags following manufacturer’s instructions and let cool completely. 

6. Trace inside metal cap insert on two cardboard or mat board pieces and four plastic report cover pieces. Cut circle onto center of one cardboard and two plastic pieces to fit soap pump. Cut oval onto center of one cardboard and two plastic pieces to pull tissues out through. 

7. Add burlap strip around body of both mason jars using tape runner. Adhere cooled tags with craft adhesive. Lay jars down and let dry.

8. Place tissues in one jar, folded in half with the stack on its side. Add cardboard and plastic cover with oval opening and pull first tissue through. Fill second jar with hand soap. Add cardboard and plastic tops with circular opening and adhere pump. 


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