Tree of Life Pendant and Bracelet

No need to buy stamps for this easy DIY craft. Simply find some twigs from your yard to create imprints onto clay!
By  Amy Koranek  for  Polyform Products

pendants: 1¾”


Sculpey III Blue Clay or color of choice, 1 block
Brown leather-like cord, 38”
Heat set rhinestones in colors of choice
Loop and toggle clasp set, two
Jump ring: 10mm, two; 6mm, two
Ribbon crimp: narrow style, two; wide style, two


Sculpey: Clay Conditioning Machine, Super Slicer, Acrylic Clay Roller, Oval Graduated Cutter
Small twigs
Coffee mug
Jewelry pliers
Gold acrylic paint

basic supplies




*For helpful hints on stamping on clay visit our How-To section!

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1. Condition and roll clay flat so it’s 3/16” thick. Cut oval with 1¾” oval cutter for pendant shape. Emboss twigs into oval clay one at a time. Carefully remove twigs with tweezers.

2. Imprint more twigs onto oval clay to make embossing look like a little tree as shown. Poke hole through oval clay at top of tree for cord. Set pendant aside.

3. For bracelet, cut 1½” oval from clay sheet from Step 1. Poke hole into each end of bracelet piece as shown. Gently bend bracelet piece across a coffee mug for a natural curve to fit wrist.

4. Repeat Step 2 to emboss tree design onto bracelet piece as shown.

5. Use finger to dab gold paint onto pendant and bracelet pieces, making sure only to get paint on raised areas as shown. Keep dabbing paint onto surface until opaque. Let dry.

6. Add heat set rhinestones as desired to tree design. Bake following manufacturer’s instructions. Bake bracelet piece on mug so it stays curved. Let cool.

7.  Fold 24” cord in half and push doubled end through pendant hole. Thread cut ends through loop as shown.

8. Add narrow ribbon crimp to each end of cord. Lay cord in narrow ribbon crimp so cord end extends ½” past crimp loop. Smash one side of crimp down over cord with pliers. Repeat for other side. Trim excess cord away with scissors so that little loop is sticking out again.

9. Add loop end of clasp with 10mm jump ring to one ribbon crimp. Add toggle end with 6mm jump ring to other ribbon crimp.

10. Cut two 7” lengths from cord. Fold length in half and put folded end through one of the bracelet holes. Thread cut ends through loop and pull tight. Repeat with other side. Smash two ends of one side of cord into wide ribbon crimp with pliers. Repeat with other side.

11. Add loop end of clasp with 8mm jump ring to one ribbon crimp. Add toggle end with 6mm jump ring to other ribbon crimp.